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Are You Confident In The Quality Of Your Links?

backlink audit and removal servicesToxic links (links filled with spam and unwanted information) carry a negative impact on your SEO efforts. These links can cause a dramatic drop in your search rankings–even manual penalties to your website– if they go unidentified. We believe in taking preemptive steps to help target these toxic links, such as reviewing backlinks on your website and removing any spam links that are directing traffic to the site.

Regain Your Rankings and Improve Your SEO Profile

Many businesses believe that toxic backlinks can be masked by simply acquiring many newer, high quality links; the reality is that this strategy is far from effective. Google holds every webmaster accountable for every link that direct traffic to their website, regardless of who acquires them. A backlink audit will prevent your website from being penalized and, most importantly,losing the traffic it needs to grow.

Who benefits from a backlink audit?

  • Websites who have dropped in rankings and don’t know why
  • Websites that have received a manual penalty from Google
  • Websites who want to prevent a penalty
  • Websites who rank well but would like to clean up unnatural links

So, How Can Clicc Media Help?

Using your Google Webmaster Tools, we can download your latest links and evaluate them to pinpoint any that may be negatively affecting your search rankings and overall SEO campaign. Once the banklink audit is complete and toxic links have been identified, we will remove them through either:

  • Manual removal
  • Notifying Google to ignore specific links provided to them (the toxic ones)–this is done by sending them a disavow file containing the links in question.

Stay ahead of your competition and Let Clicc Media Inc build a more solid, reliable link building strategy that will increase your rankings and conversions. We are located in Pembroke Pines, FL and offer our services to companies nationwide. Schedule a 1-on-1 consultation today to discuss your internet marketing needs and pricing plans.