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Converting Clients On-The-Go

If your website does not respond well to different screen sizes then you can be potentially missing out on thousands of dollars worth of revenue. Nowadays everyone is always on the go and they rely on their mobile phones or tablets for fast access to the information they need.

Lets Paint A Picture…

You have put forth hard work towards your internet marketing campaign and are finally seeing your efforts come into fruition. You are ranking within the top 2 spots of Google’s search results and you are also ranking high on local maps. You’re thinking “this is great! Let the leads come pouring in!”. Prospects click on your website and just like that: a non-responsive, static site loads up.

Two things can happen – they will either stick around and zoom in to find what they need or they will leave to find a more accessible site.

Around 48% of mobile users will leave a non-responsive site without converting because they were annoyed that the website was not mobile friendly and did not work efficiently on smaller screens. That means that you could potentially be losing almost half of your visiting traffic!

Be Accessible To All Online Viewers

More and more people use their phones or tablets to browse the Internet rather than a desktop. If your website is not responsive then it’s time to make a change immediately. Clicc Media Inc is a marketing company in Pembroke Pines FL dedicated to providing responsive web design services both locally and nationwide.  Schedule your 1-on-1 consultation today to review your website and discuss great new opportunities to improve conversion.