Boost Conversions With These Helpful Guidelines

First impressions are everything! That’s why it is so important to nail yours with your website’s homepage. After all, it is the first thing potential clients will see when they visit your site. Your homepage should encompass everything you’re about, which is why it is, arguably, the most important page of your entire website. If you are having trouble securing conversions from your homepage, check out Clicc Media Inc’s helpful list of crucial elements for a successful homepage.

  • 1. Headline

    Immediately upon visiting your site, prospective clients should see an attention-grabbing headline. Now this should not be a call to action, but rather a clear, concise, and catchy tagline that gives readers an idea of what you’re offering. Be careful not to over do it with fluffers or unnecessary words. The best headlines are straight and to the point.

  • 2. Sub-headline

    The sub-headline is where you should provide your visitors with a brief description of what you do. It should balance out the headline as well as offer information. For companies that have a multitude of services available, use your sub-header to encompass them so your audience can have a better understanding of what you do.

  • 3. CTA (Call-To-Action)

    You should include two different types of CTAs in your homepage. Primary calls-to-action should be included above the fold, or towards the top of the homepage. These should direct your audience to important services or products that you are selling.

    Secondary CTAs should be available below the fold, or lower down on the homepage. These should cater to those individuals who aren’t interested or don’t require the services being offered in your primary CTA. Essentially, this is a great way to showcase the different options your company offers to prospective buyers.

  • 4. Images

    Visual stimulants are an excellent way to clearly present your services to the individual perusing your website. Use images to support your statements and define the exact services you offer. Videos can also be used, as long as they’re not excessively long. A good rule of thumb is to keep videos under 60 seconds in length to avoid loosing your client’s attention. Also try to steer clear of using inauthentic, stock image photos that are hard to relate to. Alternatively, incorporate images that capture action and emotion that your clients will be able to relate to.

  • 5. Benefits

    Perhaps even more important than telling people what you do is telling them how it can benefit them. Keep in mind, the individuals browsing your website are going to want to know why they should go with your company or your services. Be sure to avoid using any industry-specific jargon. Instead, describe the benefits of your product or service in a language that prospective customers will be sure to understand. This is also a good place to try and invoke the emotional factor!

  • 6. Social Proof and Success Indicators

    A great way to help gain a viewer’s confidence or trust is by including short blurbs or quotes of success stories and acknowledgments from previously satisfied customers. You may also choose to mention any awards or recognitions you may have received in your line of work. If at all possible, include names, photos, and links to case studies or articles to show credibility.

  • 7. Resources

    Another great way to boost your reliability and incorporate quality backlinks to your homepage is by including resources that your audience may find helpful. Including a link to a legitimate resource center that can offer more information can be a great to earn a potential client’s trust.

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  • 8. Navigation

    It’s no secret that poor navigation menus can skyrocket bounce rates. Nobody wants to struggle through your website to find the page they need which is why taking the time to create a strong and easy-to-follow sitemap is crucial to your success. You should offer a concise navigation menu that is visible at the top of the page. Try to make it simple and easy for users to find what they need. Messy or confusing menus can poorly affect your image, as many potential customers may assume your business practices are messy as well.

  • 9. Features

    Features and benefits often go hand-in-hand. However, illustrating your key features can help highlight the services you provide. Listing these features or services can help paint a picture of your products and services, especially if you offer a number of them. Like your benefits, this copy should be light and easy-to-read. You don’t want to scare away your audience with fancy jargon they don’t understand!

  • 10. Content Offers and Incentives

    Here is where you include content or product offers that your audience may appreciate. This can be a link to an eBook, a guide, or even a just offering a free consultation! Since many interested parties often just browse through your site before committing to your services, providing incentives and offers that can help solidify their decision can be a great way to secure conversions.

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