Jump Start Your Video Marketing To Help Boost Organic Rankings

Many online marketers can tell you (we even went as far as rapping it out for you in our “Straight Outta YouTube” rap video), videos can be your golden ticket to boosting your business and overall online campaign.

Trust us – we’ve seen it happen. A lot of our clients work in the dental industry and we’ve helped launch plenty of successful online campaigns that incorporate video marketing. of course, the increase in revenue came after the initial confusion over what video marketing actually was. This was because (and we totally understand this) many dentists are still attached to “traditional” marketing tactics. They’re skeptical of online marketing because they see it as too much of an “expense”. However, once they give it a chance, many soon come to see it as an investment that eventually pays for itself.

We like to establish a collaborative relationship with each of our clients and their respective campaigns. However, one common denominator in a lot of our initial consultations with dentists is that they’re unsure of how to approach video marketing in a way that generates growth for their business.

That’s where we come in.

Because we like to help small businesses grow (and if our montage of rap videos hasn’t tipped you off to the fact that we love videos) we’re going to give you a head start on your efforts. Here are some dental video topics you can use to get those creative juices flowing and jumpstart your company’s own video marketing campaign.

Dental Video Ideas For Your Online Campaign

For starters, the intent behind your marketing videos should reflect your campaign goals: to help boost your online brand, leads and conversions. Make sure to keep that in mind when brainstorming the direction you want your videos to go.

The Money Making Service

If you’ve discovered your “money maker”, you’re already many steps ahead of the game.

For example, we’ve across many dental practices who offer emergency services – after-hours dental emergency services, to be exact– which has attracted a high amount of revenue for their practice. We suggest looking at which service is the biggest money maker for your practice and create a video on why local residents should consider you for help with that service.

Beaufils Dental is a great example of a local dental office that offers 24/7 emergency dental services to residents in Cooper City, FL. If you watch the below video, you’ll notice that the following key items are addressed:

  • Type of service: After hours emergency dental
  • Target area: Cooper City
  • What a “dental emergency” is and effects if left untreated
  • Who Dr. Beaufils is and why patients should consider his services
  • What to expect during your dental visit and after you are treated for the evening
  • A call to action to call and make your appointment

Answering General Questions

Your audience has questions; be their source for answers. Addressing common questions can help showcase your knowledge and experience within the dental field. This approach helps build your authority and brings comfort to your audience by showing them they’re in good hands.

Dr. Sarah Tevis Poteet chose a simple, but powerful topic which millions of new parents ask themselves everyday–she created a video called “How to brush a baby’s teeth?”. You’d think this is a topic many people are already aware of, but it’s actually one that so many are eager to learn more about. If you are a pediatric dentist, this would be a great topic to cover. Here are some stand-out elements in Dr. Sarah Tevis Poteet’s video that you should include in yours as well:

  • The dentist spoke in a clear and soothing tone, which set a personal tone
  • She explained what to use (type of toothpaste and type of toothbrush), why you should use it and how to use it
  • She included a live example for viewers to provide a better understanding, and
  • Included information on where to contact her

The Welcoming Introduction

As consumers, it’s not always the service itself that engages us to contact a practice for assistance; it’s the connection that can be made with dentist/staff in the learning process. People also want to know about the person behind the brand. They want to feel a warm welcome and know they can put their trust (and money) in their hands. Building trust with your audience with a welcoming intro is more important than selling the service itself.

Take Dr. Bosher’s introduction video, for example, where he provides background information about his practice in a very welcoming way. Sure, the production quality is obviously high, but it was his delivery that makes this video so successful. If you want to replicate the same style for your video, make sure you’re comfortable in front of a camera and don’t forget to include the following components:

  • A bright and inviting lighting to set a welcoming tone
  • A clear, soothing tone–much like the one the dentist used in his video
  • Make it personal: This dentist took his viewers on a journey through his passion for dentistry and how it’s brought him to where he is now with his practice (or, simply put, an emotional connection)
  • Clear shots of his practice to show cleanliness and the use of technology
  • Contact information at the end of the video

So, there you have it. We hope these 3 video topics will inspire you to brainstorm for your own videos. If you’re not sure how to create these videos once you have your topics and need assistance to get you started, consult with an internet marketing company who can guide you in the right direction. At Clicc Media Inc, we include video as a standard feature in our marketing packages, so you’re guaranteed a chance to experience the power of video marketing first-hand. Contact us today for more details.

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