It’s incredible to see just how effective social media has become in growing traffic to commercial websites. Sometimes all it takes is a group of followers with a large number of followers to begin seeing a huge increase in traffic to your site. This is often due to web content you’ve posted that begins being shared on social media. Followers of your followers begin sharing that content and the snowball starts gaining momentum. Then, as those new followers share that content on their social pages, their followers begin doing the same.

Now the question is, what kind of content is most likely to be shared? Here are a few examples you might want to try.

1. Infographics

Infographics are huge at the moment because they are informative and easy to read without needing to weed through pages of information. Everything is laid out graphically with a few keywords organized in such a way as to be easily interpreted. This is something web developers often use to keep bounce rates low when trying to provide information on products that is quick and easy to understand. For example, ALT is a web agency in Birmingham that is renowned for its amazing ability to create bespoke commercial websites that use elements like infographics most likely to be shared on social media.

2. Videos

Videos are especially popular today and are one of the key selling tools for businesses of all sizes. It is amazing to see just how effective YouTube “how-to” videos are in selling products and as one of the top five social platforms, this is a website element often shared on followers own social pages. It can be done in a couple of ways such as posting the video to your company’s website and then ‘sharing’ that to your YouTube social channel or vice versa. In either case, you would be amazed to see just how many products and/or how-to videos are shared on other social sites like Facebook and Instagram.

3. Digital Coupons

Another really popular bit of web content that is often shared on social media is digital coupons. Consumers love saving money and will often share their ‘finds’ on their social profiles. Quite often Facebook members will share digital coupons on their own pages to be copied or linked to. These can then be used by their family and friends. Many small local businesses use digital coupons and promote sharing them as a way to bring foot traffic to their bricka and motor stores as well. In fact, you could even make a weekly coupon posting so that visitors begin following your social pages or regularly check back to your website to see what deal is available week after week.

It’s important to remember just how effective social media is in gathering a large audience and so any tool you can use to bring visitors to your website, the faster you will see your customer base grow. Just remember to link back and forth from social sites to your website and it’s only a matter of time before you experience growth in your bottom line.

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