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31 Ways to Attract New Patients in an Hour or Less

In order for your practice to grow and be successful, you must continuously bring in new patients.

Although the concept itself may sound easy, one of the top reason why most dental practices don’t bring in enough new patients is due to lack of TIME.

Granted, you may already be implementing a marketing strategy, be it online or offline, but when it comes to some of these strategies they may be taking too much time (and effort) to not only implement, but run on a consistent basis to actually generate an ROI.

What if we told you, there were 31 strategies you could begin implementing today to help begin attracting new patients within an hour.

Yes, you read that correctly, taking 60 minutes to help you to from nothing to executed strategy to help your practice grow at a faster rate.

I’m sure that not only sounds attractive but would be a complete game changer for you and your team.

This is what our video above is all about. We created a two-part video series which help break down these 31 strategies into two main categories.

This first part will focus on social media driven strategies. So you will learn how to use Facebook and Instagram to begin attracting new patients, as well as grow your authority around your local market.

Part two will focus on using your website and email.

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31 Ways to Attract New Patients in an Hour or Less

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