Simple Web Updates That Can Make All The Converting Difference

Ever wonder why your website isn’t converting? Well, It could be that your website is outdated and does not reflect the components that help turn a visitor into a potential lead. Don’t get us wrong, we‘ve come across several “updated” legal web designs that just seem to miss the mark when it comes to the essential basics.

Regardless of how outdated your law firm’s website is (or isn’t), you could still be missing out on potential conversions and high revenue due to the following:

Your Homepage Doesn’t Give The Visitor What They Need

You have a very small window, a matter of seconds, to capture your audience’s attention once they land on your website. When attorneys come to us to redesign their website, more often than not they come to us with an outdated design. Let’s look at the below screenshot of Freeman & Supran’s homepage as an example. We know that they’re lawyers and they’re in Florida, as the header states. Now, do they service all of Florida/a select number of cities/just one? What are their main practice areas? Even after reading through the home page content there is no mention of their expertise or main focus areas. Simply put, this website does not offer any information of true value to visitors.

How can you avoid these mistakes? Offer straight forward information about who you are, what you do and where you specifically target–this information should all be located above the fold. Make it easier for your visitors to learn about you. It’s all about convincing them that they’ve landed on the right site and eliminate the need to dig too deep for the answers they seek.

Freeman & Supran outdated lawyer web design

No Phone Number At Top & No Visible Contact Form

It’s a marketing mystery why we come come across businesses who don’t list their phone number on the website header. Again, we’ll stress: eliminate the need to dig for answers. This points back to making the online experience easy for your visitor. Once they’ve established that they want to work with your firm (or at least seek more information from you), they either want to call immediately or fill out an online contact form. Make sure all of your pages have a visible contact form with your phone number listed in the header so it’s easy to see.

phone number on header

Poorly Written and Boring Content

Let’s face it: writing about legal topics is not always the most entertaining. However, if done correctly, you can offer strong resources and answers to visitors who are seeking help regarding a specific legal topic.

When writing out their practice area pages and blogs, many attorneys tend to merely describe a service/topic without including how or why it is beneficial to a client, or how one specific service is more useful than another. When writing content for your website, remember to touch on human emotion. Research shows that emotion plays a significant role in a consumer’s decision to seek a service.

Not sure how to incorporate emotion into your content? It’s all in the details. For example, an immigration attorney can offer services for investor visas and just lay out the different types of investor visas that an individual can apply for. Why not take it a step further? Discuss what the advantages and disadvantages are between specific visas to give your audience a better idea of what they need. Painting a knowledgeable picture for your audience provides a sense of comfort which will incline them to contact you.

Now that you know how to produce content that will attract viewers, don’t forget to optimize your pages for search engines (or you will have done all this work this for nothing). This include your header tags, alt tags, internal linking and more.

For more tips on writing better legal content please read our blog, “5 Legal Content Writing Laws That Lawyers Should Never Break”.

Not Responsive

If your website is not responsive, then you are REALLY falling behind on your SEO game. We’re living in the age of “on-the-go”, so your website should be able to respond to any screen size and still be user friendly.

Watch this video to understand why responsive web design is important.

Law Firm Web Design To Effectively Help Your Online Marketing

Having an online marketing plan in order is great, but if your website isn’t complimenting your marketing efforts then you return on investment won’t balance out. The purpose of implementing an effective marketing plan is to help build an audience, authority, leads and conversions. Remember, everything you are marketing online points back to your website, so make sure you’re leading your audience to a website that represents your true value. Make an impression and stop losing money with an outdated or ineffective web design! Contact Clicc Media Inc today and we will provide a FREE website analysis for your law firm.

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