Hi guys, my name is Marli Espinales with Clicc Media Inc. I’m here to share a few beginner tips to help dentists like you grow their Instagram following and engagement – but more importantly, use it to grow your practice outside of the platform. While this video is meant for practices who are just getting started with Instagram, those who have been using the platform for a while
can still benefit from the information.

So let’s get started.

Also, I wanted to let you guys know that if you stick around till the end fo the video I’m gonna share a little bit more extra information and a FREE gift for you guys, for you to have, and that you can use with your team and staff. So make sure to stick till the end to learn more about it.

So first things first, when setting up your Instagram account for your dental practice make sure you add a clear photo of your logo – just the icon or the symbol. Don’t include the text because it will be too small to read, you know just add it as your Instagram handle and that will be your Business Name. This will help with brand recognition. You know make sure you use that same logo and icon across all of your social media platforms.

Also once you do that, make sure to include a short bio that clearly states what you do, and if you specialize in anything for example you are the top orthodontist within your location. Share something relatable about you and your team, maybe you’re a team of travelers and that’s what you like to do. Also make sure, this is important, add the link to your website or any special offer you may be currently running. For example, a link that leads to a new patient dental cleaning and teeth whitening special. Make sure you have somewhere for them to go and to learn more information about you.

Second, decide on your theme and your tone. There should be some cohesion between your posts and your stories. Be it using the same specific filter, or lighting throughout your images, fonts, and colors, etc. Establish whether your tone will be witty and personal, or serious and informative, or a combination of everything. Consider your local market, is an older generation, a younger generation, a mix of two, whatever you choose, let your personality shine through, whatever the route just make sure you practice consistency that again adds to the brand recognition.

Also, a very important tip, regardless of which route that you choose to take with this one of the best tactics, one of the best pieces of advice that I can offer you when it comes to photos is use original and high quality photos. You can either take photos yourself, get your hygienist to snap pictures and video after every cleaning, or hire a professional photographer to come in once every couple of months to showcase high quality images. Just stay away from stock images, people are following YOU for a reason, no one wants to see a stock image within a dental practice office that isn’t even yours, so stay away from those.

Three, post regularly. It’s key to growing your dental practice’s Instagram following quickly and effectively, and also to retain followers. They want to see content from you. But also analyze and pay attention to how your followers are engaging with what you’re sharing. Some posts may perform better than others, so understanding why will help with your growth. There is no need to be posting 3-5 times a day, everyday. It’s an overkill, you’re just burning through content and it’s just not necessary especially if you are not reviewing your analytics – what’s the purpose of it?

Just to post a picture?

There’s no need for that.

Fourth, don’t forget about your Instagram stories. Try to post at least once a day here. Show some behind-the-scenes, people love that. Either how an iCat machine is working, show off your technology, show off your office, or show the team supporting one another, singing happy birthday, a celebration, showcase some of your favorite patients of the day. Some treats that your team was given from one of your patients, team bonding, outings, and so forth. Let people into your world, the more they see it, the more they will feel part of your community. Posts and stories that you and your team will always always perform better than stock images and quotes. So make sure you let people in, you know they
want to see you, they’re following you again for a reason.

Fifth and finally the last tip for this video, is to engage more than you post. People pay attention to those who Like and more importantly, those who comment on their images and that respond to their stories. So take the time to engage on other people’s profiles, especially they are part of your target audience.

If they’re asking a question on their caption, take the time to respond to it, give your opinion, compliment their picture, maybe even their smile. If they tagged you on a post, thank them, even repost within your own feed. So instead of obsessing over that perfect picture, make sure focus your time on things that DO matter like talk to and growing your community.

Now, it’s important to remember that getting people to follow a dental practice online, especially on social media, can be hard but it’s not impossible. As dentists, you are YOUR brand and so are the people that you hire. Capitalize on this. Take photos of your office again and let your personality shine through. Many people carry a fear of the dentist, they have a negative perception and some of them even correlate pain and dentistry within the same thought. This is an opportunity for your practice to make yourself look approachable, friendly, and understand of the fears people have about
dental visits.

Instagram users are more likely to become your patient if they like who you are so make a fantastic impression through your Instagram page. Take the time to really invest into this.

Well there you have it, those are our 5 beginner tips to help you establish and begin growing your Instagram account for your practice.

Now, I said earlier that I do have an extra little gift for you guys, it’s within our video description, it’s our Instagram Roadmap. It’s a Free PDF that you can download and it goes over these 5 tips, as well as some mistakes you should avoid, and some tools to consider to help you get organized with your social media marketing.

Just click the link below, and it’ll take you to our landing page, just send in your information and you’ll get the PDF immediately. Take the time to go over it with your team, your staff, so everyone is on the same page about what you want to do.

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Till next time.

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