Maximize Conversions By Utilizing Your Firm’s FB Page

Many people think Facebook’s sole purpose is to share pictures and thoughts with friends and family around the world. However, Facebook also offers a number of excellent marketing tools for business professionals, such as law firms, that can help you reach out to the over 900+ million users currently using the site. The problem is, not every knows how to tap into those tools and utilize them to boost conversions! Here are some common mistakes that law firms make when creating or updating their Facebook page.

  • 1. Not Designing A Specific Social Media Policy

    Before diving into the world of Facebook marketing, it is important to have a plan regarding whom you are directing your services to. Many companies make the mistake of not outlining a policy or an outline of what they wish to achieve with their Facebook page and what the necessary steps will be to do so. This can range from a general list of guidelines to a more detailed strategy address what specifically should be posted. Make sure every member of your social media team is in sync with each other and are all up-to-date on your social media policy.

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  • 2. Not Branding Your Facebook Page

    Your Facebook page is a representation of your firm, just like your website is. This means you should incorporate your firm’s logo, a small but informative bio, and match your firm’s brand as much as possible. When creating your Facebook Company page, you have the opportunity to customize a number of things, including your Facebook URL, design a cover image, and upload a profile image. Many companies opt to upload a cover showing the company’s slogan and their company logo or a photo of the partners as their profile picture.

  • 3. Not Considering Post Engagement Guidelines

    In addition to your social media policy, you should also take adhere to certain post engagement guidelines. This can help your posts be more appealing, more noticeable, and more likely to be interacted with. For example, posts with photos get 53% more Likes than a simple text or link post. Incorporating attention-grabbing images to your posts can help make them more appealing to your followers. In addition, photo posts attract 104% more comments, too. Facebook’s Post Engagement Photo Guidelines offer some helpful tips to what kind of images should be used.

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  • 4. Not Engaging With Your Followers

    Posting engaging content is an excellent way to draw the attention of your readers, but what is the point if you don’t interact with them? Facebook marketing is also about building relationships as well as broadcasting your business. Attorneys and Law Firms that have a strong Facebook presence communicate with their followers, asking questions and requesting feedback. In addition, commenting on or sharing posts from industry-relevant pages can also help show a healthy level of engagement. Essentially, the goal is to generate a steady level of content while still managing to contribute to the conversation. This keeps your followers and potential clients interested – after all, who wants to a follow a page that just posts the same thing every day?

  • 5. Failing To Promote Website Content

    Don’t forget the ultimate goal of your Facebook is not just to make your brand known, but to get the attention of potential clients and direct them towards services they may need. Share your website content on your Facebook with a captivating image and a tagline to draw readers to your site. A worthy attorney profile and an easy-to-navigate site can attract those prospective clients and direct them towards your services. Don’t forget to share your blogs, too! Keeping up an engaging blog that is both enjoyable to read and informative is the perfect way to showcase your firm’s capabilities and connect with possible customers.

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Get the Most Out Of Your Online Presence

In this digital age, your website or Facebook page is often the first impression you will be making with individuals that could become clients. It is important to put time, effort, and care into building your online presence to generate conversions. Clicc Media Inc understands the unique needs of law firms and attorneys and understands the clientele being services. That’s why we offer specialized SEO services for Lawyers, as well as content marketing and a number of other individualized services. To schedule a 1-on-1 consultation with one of our experts, feel free to call us at 954-271-3111!

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