Don’t Miss Out on Conversions Because of an Out-of-Date Site

It’s understandable for some business owners to stick to a basic, outdated website because it still provides relevant information and attracts conversions. But what if you could double the number of prospective clients simply by bringing your website a little more up-to-date?

In this day and age, technology drives almost everything we do. A website needs to be not only informative and relevant, but also engaging and enticing. Similar to a storefront, your website is a reflection of your business and business practices, so it is important to present a remarkable first impression whether it is online or in person. Additionally, an updated website can do wonders for SEO purposes, which can help drive additional traffic to your website when properly utilized!

So what are some signs that your website could use an upgrade? The list below details some key indicators. Some are issues that will require minor tweaks, while others may call for major changes completed by a professional web designer.

1. Your Website is Not Mobile Friendly

The age of traditionally sized computer screen is behind us. We have evolved into an era where mobile devices are the preferred method of browsing the internet. Actually, in 2020 61% of website visits were done via phone in the United States alone, an increase of 57% from 2019!

Back in March of 2020, Google even announced that 70% of the websites in their search results switched to mobile-first indexing, and those that were not mobile-friendly would see a dip in overall website traffic and performance. This comes as no surprise. After all, we have developed to the point where just about everything can be done online. From food orders to banking to scheduling appointments, almost anything can be accessed at your fingertips.

This is why it is extremely important to have a website that is responsive across all devices, including tablets, phones, and mini laptops. The user experience potential clients have trying to access a non-mobile site via a device such as a phone can be enough to drive them to another company within a matter of seconds.

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2. Your Bounce Rate is Increasing

Speaking of user experience, are you sure you are providing potential clients with a satisfactory one when they visit your site?

If you are seeing an increased bounce rate, or simply put, a number of people who visit the site but then leave shortly after, you may want to consider a change especially if the bounces are occurring on the homepage. Bounce rates are an important metric that tells a lot about the impression prospective clients are getting from your website. Typically, bounces will occur when the site is hard to navigate, information cannot easily be found, or load times are slow, which brings us to our next point.

3. Your Site Isn’t Loading Fast Enough

This is another big red flag for consumers when visiting a site. Slow load times will usually drive clients away almost immediately. This is because we have gotten to a point where the average load time for a website in 2021 is mere seconds. Anything longer than 3-5 seconds and you will likely lose your audience – yes it’s that serious! This can also be a problem for SEO purposes, as google may crawl and therefore index your site slower. Eventually, this can result in your competitors ranking higher than you.

4. Traffic Is Not Converting Into Sales

Now, what if you are employing relevant SEO techniques and achieving a steady amount of traffic – but you have no actual conversions to show for it? Update your site!

The exact reason for this can sometimes be hard to pinpoint, but sometimes it is just a lack of enticing information or material on your page! Invest in content marketing to help enhance your sites verbiage. You can also reference your website’s analytics to help you decipher where your audience is falling off.

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5. Accessing or Updating Your Site Is Difficult

It shouldn’t be a challenge to change a link or a sentence on website! Even if you are going through a third-party web management service, you should be able to easily access your website to make minor changes as necessary. If getting to your website’s backend is nearly impossible, it might be time to make some changes.

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