Publishing Accounting Content That Will Make Clients Choose You

Accounting firms can benefit greatly from online content marketing. It’s a strategy that helps garner credibility amongst your target audience and can completely revolutionize your online presence. Content has the power to:

  • Help you connect with the online Accounting community to exchange insight
  • Establish you as a “go-to” for chosen CPA topics
  • Generate business leads and increase your search ranking power through optimization and keyword strategies

Many people believe that writing quality content for accountants is a time consuming and difficult process. While it does require dedication to execute efficiently, you can create simple, engaging content that will generate leads. By following these 5 basic content writing rules, you can be well on your way to building your brand.

Provide Insight on Topics that Will Engage

The first step to producing CPA content that will convert readers into potential clients is to generate appeal. Target popular topics within the Accounting industry (new developments or specific news stories) and provide your own insight via a blog post.

Another important thing to consider is choosing your niche. If your CPA firm specializes in Personal Financial Planning and this is an area that brings you the most business, use this as an opportunity to become a trusted voice on this topic. The key is to publish content your readers will be interested in and will be inclined to share.

Headlines Attract Viewers

When producing content for your accounting website, text is only a portion of what helps converts readers into potential clients. Your headline is essentially what will get your audience to even read through your content. It’s your one chance to make a good impression, so it’s crucial that you construct your headline wisely. It’s so crucial that only 2 out of 10 people will continue reading through content after reading a headline. It’s your one chance to make a good impression, so construct your headline wisely.

Your headline should convey the main point of your post, but it should also create an emotional connection with your audience. Emotional headlines tend to get shared on social media more than traditional headlines. This is because they establish a greater connection with your readers. In the marketing world, this is called Emotional Marketing Value (or EMV for short).

If you’re not sure what kind of message your headline is conveying, you can analyze it online with the EMV Headline Analyzer. This tool tool will analyze your headline based on 3 categories:

  • Intellectual
  • Spiritual
  • Empathetic

so you can better understand how your headline may affect your target audience.

Here’s an EMV analysis for a CPA content headline:


Keywords Will Get Your Content Ranking

You can produce the most informative, insightful content for your CPA website in hopes of increasing your business, but your efforts will mean nothing if your content isn’t optimized. Content marketing is more than just putting words together–keyword usage is what will get your content noticed and ranking on search engines.

In order for keywords to be successful, you must research and use the right ones for your business. Whether you’re conducting this research on your own or recruiting the help of a marketing professional to find what works best for your firm, proper keyword usage will ultimately get your content in the face of your target audience.

Longtail Keywords

Longtail keywords aren’t as widely utilized as shorter keyword phrases, but they pack a pretty significant punch. These keywords encompass specific phrases that are beneficial on a local ranking level. For instance, instead of only using a keyword phrase such as “personal financial planning”, you can also incorporate a longtail keyword such as “personal financial planner in Pembroke Pines, FL”. By adding a local emphasis to your keyword, you have a greater chance of attracting clients in your area and have a greater chance of getting your website to rank.

“Show” is Just as Important as “Tell

Visuals are the new go-to for creating appealing content. While it’s important to publish text that is informative and understandable, blogs that contain graphics receive 94% more views than those with only text. If you really want to gain viewer attention, incorporate a video within your content. Video is a powerful tool in the marketing industry and is an entertaining way to drive your point home. Not sure how to create a video for your CPA content that will generate success? We created a simple guide to optimizing your video to get it ranking online.

Consistent Posts Yield Consistent Web Traffic

Once you’ve started receiving attention from your audience, now it’s time to keep that attention on you. Publishing a few quality CPA articles may yield positive results in the short term, but the key is to keep that momentum going. Many Accounting firms who launch a content marketing plan believe that a few quality posts is all they need to attract long-term business opportunities–and that couldn’t be more far from the truth. Success via content marketing cannot be achieved overnight and requires consistency, so establishing a regular posting pattern will keep your audience engaged and coming to you for timely information and updates.

If you need help keeping track of your content, use an online content editorial calendar to maintain an organized publishing schedule.

Make Your CPA Firm Stand Out With Content Marketing
Is your firm taking advantage of the power that content marketing provides? Take a look at your website for answers:

  • Is your site posting content regularly in the form of blogs/informative articles?
  • Does your website content include keywords that help attract the right audience?
  • Does this content include images or videos that help drive your point in an easy and visually appealing way?
  • Does your content have a captivating headline that will attract viewers at first glance?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, you’re already behind on your marketing efforts. At Clicc Media Inc, we treat content marketing for accountants as a valuable tool to increase online exposure and leads. Our internet marketing packages are tailored to help CPA firms nationwide reach the level of potential they deserve. Want to learn more about the power of content and how to execute a content marketing plan that will yield the results you want? Contact us today.

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