In this video I will go over 5 effective tips that every dentist should know about before creating their website. The more you know from the beginning, the better you can protect and grow your investment.

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Hi guys my name is Marli Espinales from Clicc Media Inc, I’m here to share with you five different web design tips that your practice should consider before even getting started with the design.

Let’s get to it.

First you want to start with a great web host. Consider things like server up-time and down-time, look into the history of that. The last thing you want is for your website to be down especially during peak hours, even more, when you’re running paid ads because then no one’s gonna be able to access it and you’re just burning money and wasting clicks. Consider great customer support and tech support, someone that you can reach at any hour of the day for questions, for anything that your website might be experiencing, any error messages, someone that you can access either to phone or through chat. Chat is my favorite, always look for that. Also, consider server speed, see how quickly they will be able to populate your pages. Site speed isn’t very important for SEO purposes.

I know there’s a lot of web hosting companies out there and it can be overwhelming to consider which is the best, there’s a lot of articles for it the one that I always recommend to my clients is SiteGround, it’s great for any website especially, WordPress. I actually have a link down below in the description, make sure to click on that and get started. It’s very easy to sign-up, I would actually very much consider out, or recommend I’m sorry, to sign-up for the three-year plan. Just set it up, you’re going to be running your practice for a long time, so might as well just cut the cost at the beginning, it’s a better deal, just do the three years.

Two, make sure you get an SSL certificate for your website. Now this offers different benefits such as protecting your site against hackers, improving site speed, showcasing of just a more secure website for your users, now SiteGround actually offers a FREE Let’s Encrypt Certificate for all their websites, that are hosted on their platform. They also offer different types of other certificates depending on your needs. Now if you already have a website, but do not have a certificate installed onto your website, contact your web host today so they can help set one up for you. And it might be free, it might cost you something, it all depends on who you have.

Three, make sure your website is mobile-friendly and responsive, that it’ll adapt to any device that your prospect is using. More than half of the searches that are happening on Google are happening on a mobile device, so you definitely want to target that audience, especially when it comes to showcasing information about your services, your pricing, office hours, anything that might be important to a prospective patient – you want to make sure that’s easy to view and easy to interact with while they’re on the go.

Four, make sure your website is ADA Compliant, which stands for Americans with Disability Act. Now, this allows anyone with a disability to better engage and interact with any website online. This can mean from adding closed captioning to a video on your website or allowing for resizable text. For more information, we’ve added a link on a description so you can follow the tips
and understand what it means to be ADA Compliant.

And my fifth and final tip of the day is to make sure you always read your contract, and that you own your website at the end of the day. This includes content, images, any logins information to your back-end, for the WordPress, domain host, web host, anything and everything will be yours once you submit that final payment. So make sure that you go through all the details and that you will be the sole owner for your practice’s website. You don’t want to go through this whole process and had to spend money once again. So there you have it guys, those are my five tips for you today and I hope that your dental practice benefits from them.

If you have any other questions, any concerns, anything else that you would like to learn, just drop me a comment in the comment section I’ll be more than happy to respond to you.

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