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We began with one mission in mind: To help businesses like yours financially grow and succeed by establishing an authoritative digital footprint through the use of data-proven internet marketing tactics.

One of our strongest values is how relatable we are. We’re a small business ourselves, so we understand the work and attention it takes to create a well-oiled machine that will take you from the “new small guy” to being the go-to company in your target market. This is in addition to the time it takes to stay up-to-date with the constant evolution of Google algorithms – not to mention competitors who work tirelessly to acquire your business leads.

We are passionate in helping businesses of all sizes grow and reach a level of exposure that reflects their hard work. We love building long-term partnerships by offering our insight, tools and knowledge to make it all happen.

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Get To Know Your Online Team

Our goal is to help businesses establish a strong online presence from the moment they sign up with us, helping them on their path to growth for years to come. That is why we first take the time to understand where your business currently stands and where you want to take it. There are some marketing services that work better for certain industries then they do for others, our goal is to set you up with a marketing plan that is going to help provide you a return on your investment. We also provide simple business consultation tips throughout our partnership together because we know that in order for our marketing to be successful, other aspects of your business have to be in order as well..

Marli Espinales - internet marketing consultant

Marli Espinales

Co-Founder & Internet Marketing Director

Marli is co-founder of Clicc Media Inc and a creative at heart who has grown a passion for online marketing and business consulting. She makes it a point to understand how businesses work to create marketing campaigns that will eliminate points of pains for business owners and steer them on a path towards financial growth. A strong force in the online marketing field, she oversees all of the marketing operations for the Clicc’s clients.

Isis Garcia

Isis Garcia-Rodriguez

Content Marketing Editor

Isis manages all of the content writing for the team and has an elaborate way to use words to trigger an emotional response from readers. She understand that if you trigger an emotional response from your audience, they will convert more than half of the time. Isis has a love for writing, reading and travel and looks forward to continuing to help businesses grow their content marketing efforts with the latest-and-greatest techniques.



Branding Specialist

Dmitriy has a keen eye for design and has the ability hone in on the heart of client’s brand story. He understands that creating a brand goes far beyond creating basic logos and graphics, but developing works together with the rest of the team to help strategize a cohesive development of a brand’s visual content. His goal is to help business all over the world, leave their memorable mark.