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Jon Paul

Location: Miami, FL

A Cleaner and Fresher Design

Jon came to us via an old high school friend of mind who said that he was in need of a new logo and website. Once Jon and I finally communicated, I learned that he was in need of two websites and a logo, one for his fitness business and the other as his personal portfolio to help grow his acting craft.

At first Jon was working with a previous designer who unfortunately was taking way longer than expected to create his websites and honestly, the product that was being produced wasn’t the best design for the client’s needs. It was a pre-made template that still needed a lot of boxes filled, most of which did not work for Jon’s portfolio which he was still growing. See the previous example below.

Jon Paul old site

Our initial intention was to take upon the design made and finish the project, but unfortunately even then, it took forever for them to transfer anything to Jon so we made the executive decision to start from scratch.

Refocused Design

When we think about actors and finding a new “gig”, we have to consider the fact the a casting director will want to look not only at their pictures to see and understand their features, but as well as video clips to evaluate their acting skill and range.

  • We added some videos and a gallery right on the home page to be able to provide
  • By advising Jon to create a YouTube Channel and upload his short films, we are helping grow video views and gain possible subscribers to appreciate his work. YouTube is a massive search engine, so it’s better to have these videos on the platform and embed on the website, rather than upload them directly to the site itself.
  • We wanted to keep design colors clean yet allow them to pop when necessary.

We would love to know your feedback on the new design – share your thoughts below.

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