Family Attorney Seeks to a Cleaner and Professional Revamp


Location: Palm Beach and Broward

How A Friendly Outreach Turned to More

Jacqueline and I actually connected through Women Helping Women Entrepreneurs on Facebook – it’s an amazing group which I highly recommend you check out.

Looking to outreach and connect with small business owners, I contacted Jacqueline and gave her some free insights on how to make her then website more appealing and functional for her audience. As the conversation developed, she agreed to move forward with our Start-Up Website package to revamp her website. You can view the before layout to see the big improvements we made:

Bourassa Law website before
  • We added some clear actionable markers such as their phone number in the header and the “Request Free Consultation” button.
  • The home page banner has a purpose now, it states what she does with another actionable button.
  • We clearly laid our their services to let their audience know what their focuses are.
  • There now is a heirarchy of information on their pages which executes a simpler and more effective user experience.
  • The website remained on the WordPress platform, is responsive and speed optimized.

Let us know what you think about the new layout, hierarchy of information, colors and overall design below!

free website analysis and quote
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