We are excited to announce that we have finally launched a new custom website for Beaufils Dental. Dr. Lloyd Beaufils hired us to redesign his website to make offer a more welcoming feel and make it much easier for the user to navigate. Their old website was designed with dark colors, the content was all dental jargon that really didn’t offer much appeal to the reader and they had such a confusing site structure that you sometimes had to click 3 different links just to get to the page you wanted.

We took on the project and had different meetings with Dr. Beaufils to make sure that the writing within the site and images touched on the positive emotions of the reader and prospective client, rather than just adding procedural steps that may sometimes come across as painful and unappealing. We brightened up the colors, we created an intro video for the dental office and created a better CTA on the header to show the positive reviews he has gained throughout the years. We designed Beaufils Dental on a WordPress platform and made sure that it was responsive so it would show properly on a device of any size.

About Beaufils Dental

Beaufils Dental is a dental office offering high quality dentistry services to residents in Cooper City and Davie. What makes Beaufils Dental special? Not only do they offer superior service to their clients during regular hours but Dr. Lloyd Beaufils makes himself available 24 hours a day to offer emergency services to those who are suffering from dental pain. Not many dental offices will come in on a Saturday at 10:00 at night to help relieve your pain and surrounding residents are happy that he does.

To learn more about Beaufils Dental and view our design please visit https://www.ledentist.com.

Old Beaufils Website

Old Beaufils Dental website

New Beaufils Website

Beaufils Dental custom website

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