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expand your reach with dental facebook posts

Have you been experiencing some staleness with the attention your dental site is attracting? There are plenty of tools you can invest in that will help reach potential patients but you may already have one readily available. When it originated, Facebook was intended for college students to communicate with each other about collegiate life. These days, social media sites like Facebook can be used as an excellent marketing tool.

Using Facebook marketing for dental practices is a great way to boost your reach and get your practice in front of potential patients. Facebook is free to all users, but there are algorithms in place that limit the reach of your posts. There are two ways to boost the number of views your post can reach:

  • Facebook Ads: Facebook provides you the option to boost a post or promote an ad and place it in front of the desired audience.
  • Organic Reactions: Based on the engagement of your post, Facebook will show it to more people.

Paid posts are a great option if you have it in your budget – and you don’t have to spend a fortune! With as little as $20 set aside for a boosted post can really make a difference. Many businesses take this route, including dental offices. Plus, with all the various demographics you can target, you have the option to decide exactly how you want to broadcast your posts, such as by age, interests and region.

However, with organic reach, Facebook decides who will see your ads based on how many people interact with them. That means the more readers you have liking, commenting, and sharing your Facebook posts, the more people Facebook will show it to.

Essentially, it’s a sort of word of mouth; your audience shares with their followers and their viewers share with their friends and so forth. Facebook puts a priority on businesses that provide posts that users like – which they measure, based on those interactions. Because organic posts may only be seen by 6% of your audience, it is important to put out content that gets reactions.

Utilizing Organic Facebook Interactions

So, what can you do to boost your organic reach? At first, this may be difficult. You may find that getting your followers to like your page can take some time. The trick is to capture your audience’s attention. You should provide your audience with something that they enjoy seeing in their timeline enough to click ‘like’ or comment their personal feelings. Even better, provide your audience with something that they want to share with their friends and family.

A great way to achieve this is by honing in on some stories, events, or situations that your potential audience will enjoy. You want to be the dental practices that your patients recommend to their family or friends because of your values and high-integrity practices. Facebook posts are the perfect way to highlight this. For example, create posts that:

  • Share the story of your practice’s beginning and how you first started.
  • Share videos, images, or posts that emphasize your practice’s core values and views.
  • Share fun tidbits about your practice that help set you aside from your competition.
  • Post things that shine a positive light on your dental practice and help patients emotionally connect with you.

Deciding What to Post

What you share is important in determining whether or not it will be enough to drive your audience to engage with your posts. You can use Facebook to engage with your readers and drive traffic, ultimately, to your dental practice. Focus on positive things about your practice that your patients will want to engage with.

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That means don’t be shy about sharing the high notes about your practice! If you participate in local events or activities, takes photos and videos and share them on your page. After all, those with pictures account for over 90% of the most engaging Facebook posts. Go ahead and celebrate a coveted team member or share patient photos and testimonials! Give your potential audience a way to connect with you and your practice. Some other great ideas you can turn into posts share with your audience include:

  • Show off team-building events or events hosted at your practice.
  • Share fun, education dental facts that your potential audience may not otherwise know.
  • Feature your charitable side by showing how you help the community and donate dental services to the less fortunate.
  • Highlight perks and special bonuses your practice offers to patients and even team members.
  • Ask questions about your patient’s dental experiences and what they look for in a practice.
  • Bring out your office personality by sharing photos and statuses that bring out the “quirks” of your practice.
  • Celebrate holidays and other occasions with a simple post or picture.

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Posts to Stay Away From

Of course, while some posts have been known to increase engagement, others can discourage it. Think about your social media experience. Most people don’t care for boring dental statistics or images that depict actual dental procedures. As a dentist, it may not be off-putting, but for everyday users, it can be unsettling or discouraging. When it comes to maximizing your reach with Facebook, it is important for you to put yourself in the shoes of your audience. This can help you to determine whether your posts will drive your audience to like, comment, and share it.

To avoid sharing posts with minimal interaction, stay away from anything that paints your practice in a pessimistic light, such as negative imagery, stock content, or clickbait posts. Remember, your goal is to evoke positive reactions and emotions.

Still Struggling to Increase Your Reach?

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