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“Content Juice”

source: “Gin N Juice” by Snoop Dogg

(Verse 1)
With all these websites on the internet
It’s kinda hard to publish content that will raise your cred
Yet you, somehow someway
Gotta come up with this optimized content like every single day
May I take a little second just to school you
Teach you what you’ve gotta do to gain views
Without some content marketing you’re letting competition take your business from you
The first step to reaching greatness is to map out a plan
A clear conversion goal for purpose and organization
Then, here’s what you gotta do,
You need a captivating headline some good keywords, too
Address some concerns and FAQ’s (man, what for?), cause I told you to
Yeah, and don’t forget those backlinks, too,
Then social share it to get traffic clicking back to you, and you’ll be

(Chorus) repeat 2x
Ranking on the Web, buildin’ backlinks, triple my website views,
With my mind on my content all this traffic will be mine

(Verse 2)
Now–that–you’ve learned how to write with ease,
You’ve gotta practice the habit of consistency,
An editorial calendar will keep you in line,
cause keeping track of your posts will help you save some time,
Now everything will be fine, if you’re posting content regularly,
you’ll gain exposure and authority within your industry,
For instance, monthly posts like blogging,
helps engage your audience to keep them all from yawning

Now you need some pros to help you get you started,
a marketing plan that’s rock solid,
Call Clicc Media Inc. to keep your content in sync,
And focus on important factors to affect your rankings,
Don’t delay,
We’re Clicc Media Inc, now let us lead the way

**the above lyrics are an original Clicc Media Inc creation

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