Is Your CPA Firm Missing Out on These Inbound Marketing Advantages?

Every CPA been exposed to some form of marketing at some point in their career. After all, marketing is an incredible source of exposure for any business looking to increase their revenue. This exposure has most likely been in the form of traditional outbound marketing tactics – this includes direct mailers, billboards and cold-calling. What they don’t know, however, is that these tactics alone cannot guarantee an increase in client leads. That’s where inbound marketing comes in. Inbound marketing has created a huge wave in the CPA industry simply because it makes an accountant’s job easier while promoting business growth.

Not entirely convinced that your firm can benefit from inbound marketing? Keep reading – you will be.

Unveiling the Advantages of Inbound Marketing

I could go on forever about why inbound marketing is an effective method of gaining authority in the accounting industry. However, here are the main benefits you should consider when compared to traditional outbound marketing tactics.

  1. It Helps You Work Smarter.
  2. Outbound marketing is all about one-way communication. You’ll have to do all the heavy lifting in terms of seeking out new customers (via some of the outbound tactics mentioned above). Who has time for that? If you’re looking to run a successful firm, the answer should not be “you”. Inbound marketing gives consumers the control to seek your business, which goes hand-in-hand with shifts in consumer behavior over the last few years. By implementing elements such as:

    • an appealing website with engaging content
    • a strong social media platform, and
    • SEO and link building strategies
    • you’ll have clients seeking you out. Hence, you’re working smarter. It’s a win-win.
  3. Traffic Equals Leads.
  4. Increasing your firm’s revenue for the long haul begins with generating traffic. An effective marketing plan should help you gain consistent leads. For a CPA, this means continuous consumer outreach even after a busy tax season. Inbound marketing helps increase traffic for your firm via SEO tactics that carry a 14.6% closing rate (versus a 1.7% close rate for outbound leads). This helps you achieve the level of exposure you need to rank higher on search engines and stay in the face of your target audience. Not only will you increase your chances of generating more leads, but inbound marketing yields a much lower cost-per-lead than outbound marketing.

  5. Become the Go-To CPA Firm in Your Area.
  6. Clients want to find a CPA firm who they can trust, so where do they go first to learn more about what you offer? Your website. Think of your website as the face of your company. This is your chance to show your prospects that they’re working with an expert in the accounting field. How can you achieve this level of “expert”? Try posting engaging content in the form of blog posts. Not sure how to create content that will attract views? Reference a content marketing guide that breaks down the steps you need to publish articles easily.

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  7. Social Media is a Powerful Buying Tool. Use It.
  8. The internet has completely revolutionized the way we make buying decisions. Whether you’re learning about a CPA via their Facebook page or you’re reading through client reviews via Yelp or Google+, social media has the power to make-or-break your firm’s online credibility. What’s another powerful social website that is currently dominating inbound marketing? Youtube. This is because video is a fresh way to deliver information to your audience–plus, it appeals to the 65% of the population who are visual learners. If done correctly, video marketing can boost your online exposure significantly. We have a guide that can help you create a video that will rank on Google.

Ready to Reap the Benefits that Inbound Marketing Provides?

Many accountants see inbound marketing as a costly investment, but this investment has potential to pay off exponentially for your business in the long run. We also understand that, while it eliminates the tedious effort that outbound marketing requires, it still requires effort to yield results. The good news is that there are internet marketing companies that can take care of your online success for you. At Clicc Media Inc, we provide a combination of SEO, web design, video and content marketing to deliver internet marketing plans for accountants nationwide.

Now that you know how beneficial inbound marketing can be to the future of your accounting firm, it’s time to reap these benefits and outrank your competition.

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