Establishing A Modern, Yet Authoritative Legal Brand

Marlene Markowitz, Esq. is a Miami attorney who focuses on family and immigration law. As she began branching out on her own, she understood the importance of establishing a strong brand from the beginning – this meant conceptualizing a logo that was modern, bold and memorable.

First Phase of Logo Concepts


We had a direction in mind, which was play on her initials which are M and M.

  • First Concept: We went a rather “avant garde” approach with the icon. When we think about business or meeting someone in a professional setting our first move is to usually shakes hands. The lines coming from the top of the “M” that intersect in the middle were inspired by those shaking hands – two entities coming together to meet and work together.
  • Second Concept: More of a traditional route, where the M’s are easily distinguished and paired with strong serif fonts.
  • Third Concept: We went a more feminine route, with softer, rounded lines and a sans serif style font. This concept strayed more from the “traditional” attorney logo, that usually contain boxier elements and shaper lines.

After the initial concepts were delivered to the client, we always follow up with a questionnaire to see which concept is the favorite and which one we will revise and update to perfection. While Marlene liked certain things from all of the concepts, she decided to go with the first concept along with some notes of how she would like it improved.

Almost Rounding The Corner

  • First Concept: We rearranged the lines coming from the top of the “M” to intersect at the bottom to better showcase the better play on the letters – you will see the outer “M” and inner “M” more clearly. We also updated the font from serif to sans serif to match the lines of the icon better.
  • Second Concept: Although she did not request a second option, we wanted to provide this new one because our team personally really liked it. It’s one of those designs where you might originally might have not thought of it but really grow to love it. It’s non-traditional but still strong and bold.

And The Winner Is…


We hope that you love the logo as much as Marlene did. Tell us what you think of the final design in the comments below.

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