A Handy Design, for Your Local Handy Man

Dependable Services offers handyman and home remodeling services to clients in Miami Dade, Broward and Palm Beach County.

Our Research

In our research we came across logos within other competitors in your field and as you will see, the majority of them are essentially very close and similar. They try to align all of the tools they use and highlight the word “Handyman”.

Our goal is not only to create a memorable design that’s easy to recognize, but one that allows you stand apart from the fold.

handyman logo samples

First Concept

The first concept being presented is a Monoline style logo. Essentially its a quick and to-the-point logo, using a single, continuous line to swerve, tip, and twist its way into a memorable shape, crest, or another combination mark. The purpose is to create a simple, memorable design meant to easily capture your audience’s attention.

Using modern styles, fonts and identity, we made this logo visually competitive to that of your competitors. For the emblem we decided to focus on the power tool – it’s strong, sturdy, it’s dependable and it’s easily associated with your line of work. We also used a condensed font that works great with the logo and creates a good flow.

What we like about this option is that it creates a balance between design and composition. You can use the symbol alone to create a clean and fun pattern on print materials. One that can easily be placed on a shirt, pen, business card, flyer and so forth without being distorted.

ds first concept

Second Concept

For the second option, we have changed the colors a little. Here you will find a different shade of yellow paired up with blue instead of black/grey. This color scheme is one that we found to be very well associated with repair and the construction field.

The cartoon/comic style of the main character works great for capturing your audience’s attention and creating a memorable and recognizable design. To not overload the logo, we used a sans serif font that provides clean lines and easy readability.

ds second concept

Third Concept

For the final concept we wanted to have a little more fun with it as well, considering the client’s hobby include crossfit and personal training, we wanted to incorporate another version of a strong man (or arm) with the tools.

ds third concept

So Which Was Selected?

William, the owner of the business, decided to go with the first option which we revised and improved upon to his liking. This is the fun part about collaborating on a brand – we take a base design and keep improving upon it until we create something truly amazing. Let us know what you think below!

Dependable Services official logo
Dependable Services identity samples
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