A Unique Brand for a Unique Name

Ginky-Lee Torres is an immigration attorney looking to establish a brand for her new company – here was the process:

Our Research

We looked at the companies that were listed within the Questionnaire we asked Ginky to complete, as well as some others we came across through our research, and we found key similarities between them:

  • The classic symbols that are dominant within the field: the Statue of Liberty or the torch, scales of justice and abbreviations.
  • Signs in the form of a circle prevail. This is due to the fact that the circle is the quietest primitive shape. It’s strong enough, yet simple and friendly for perception.
  • For that same reason, most of the logos are blue. Psychologically, blue offers a sense of calmness, as well has an established associative relationship of blue with confidence.

First Concept

For the first concept we decided to aim for a calm and confident look and perception of the company. Although most logos within the legal field, are in one way or another conceptualized in a circle, we made yours unique yet recognizable.

By using these current and popular gradient style web colors and low-contrast (Sans Serif) font, it helps make this concept a very modern approach.

first ginky logo concept

Second Concept

At first glance, it may seem as if the second option is the arc-flying star, which when it “falls” it’s really taking off – which we translate as you being able to get out of even the most difficult of situations (or cases). And you would be right, because it is just that and as a logo it created the perfect monogram of GLT, representing great synergy.

In contrast to the bright image of the flying star, we opted to select a calmer delivery style and colors.For the font we chose Slab. The Slab font combines the professional strictness of the Antique font (Serif fonts) and modern simplicity of the Grotesque font (San Serif font), which is perfectly suited for Attorneys.

second ginky logo concept

Third Concept

For the third and final concept within the presentation, we used a very well-established symbol within the legal field – the plume. We know within the Questionnaire she provided she mentioned she liked the legal scales and lady liberty but we found that they are SO common within all of the law firm logos that we wanted to offer another option that would continue to set you apart.

Having transformed the plume into a new, elegant and modern version, we helped make it a unique, yet recognizable symbol for your firm. We used deep dark blue + gold colors, which in combination provides a very elegant and professional aesthetic to the viewer, which essentially became our basis for the visual style.

third ginky logo concept

So Which Did She Go With?

The Plume! Ginky absolutely loved it and we went ahead and designed the business cards and letterhead for the firm. Let us know what you think below!

final ginky logo
ginky business cards
ginky letterhead
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