New Miami Law Firm Establishing Their Online Presence to Help Attract More Clients

Marlene Markowitz Law Offices, P.A.

Location: Miami, FL

Establishing Their Digital Footprint

See anything familiar within this website? You might’ve guessed it, its the logo. Marlene Markowitz came to us late last year to have us design a logo for her law firm and now she’s back for a new website.

We wanted to keep the style and feel of her website consistent with that of her logo to keep a cohesive branding effect. This included strong and easy to read fonts, along with the bold colors to persuade the feeling of professionalism, authority and security. More importantly we wanted it to be simple and clean. Important sections are easy to define and there is always a way to contact the law firm (or “take action”) without her visitors having to search for it.

Visit her website and come back to let us know what you think of it below!

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