Creating the Identity of Body and Way of Life Fitness

Body and Way of Life Fitness is a company created and founded by Jon Paul Fernandez from Miami. A Judo martial artist, who has traveled around the world training with mentors who have shaped his fitness background which he uses for his clients now.

He came to us for a customized logo and here is the process of design.

First Concept

Based off the Questionnaire Jon completed for us, his initial design desires carried a lot of components that would create an overloaded design. So we guided him to through this information, that we would take into consideration what he would like to see and find ways to incorporate certain elements in different ways to still portray his business in the right light.

These are the elements we focused on for the first concept:

  • Lotus Pose – a classic image that provides a easy and recognizable association to yoga.
  • The lion will be the main element on the design, helping us achieve uniqueness and memorability for your brand. The lion also expresses strength, fierceness and power which can be associated to fitness of any kind.
  • The bird silhouette, is our reference to the eagle he wanted.
  • The star on the lion’s forehead which you will find on the lion’s forehead not only compliments and completes the silhouette of the yogi, but also symbolizes spirituality and clarity of thought.
  • The sun and the moon in the circle is the cycle of renewal and growth.

All shapes are soft and rounded, allowing the design to maintain its complexity but appealing and friendly to the eye.

body and way of life logo concept 1

Second Concept

In the second version, we took an athletic and flexible silhouette, practicing yoga, which sends us to a Samurai warrior, spartan, and yogi.

The silhouette of a lion who repeats a pose shows the desire for development and transformation into a strong and graceful creature. We thanked him for choosing a lion and offering us such an excellent association for growth and transformation.

The general form is a sunset, against which the eagle soars, which is also a metaphor for the renewal and growth.

body and way of life logo concept 2

Third Concept

The third option was created based off minimalism.

We were able to combine the image of the sunset with a man in the lotus position. Such minimalism will work perfectly for long-term recognition.

body and way of life logo concept 3

So Which Was Selected?

As we evolved throughout the design process and with Jon Paul’s collaboration, we ended up going with option 2 and then took it to another level through the revision rounds.

Let us know what you think below!

body and way of life logo
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