The Before

I met Rosalba Gil, founder of DanAnd RMI, through our yoga instructor Diana at Body4Yoga. Rosalba was speaking to Diana about her website and an apparent “PPC service” she was paying for. As Rosalba showed Diana her website, Diana was upfront with her and told her she had pretty much gotten ripped off. First off, her website looked horrendous and her PPC ads were nowhere to be found when searching for key phrases within her target market.

It was at the moment that I just happened to walk into the studio for my class and Diana introduced us. Rosalba gave me a quick overview of what her business did, what she had had paid for and how unhappy she was with her current online presence. If you see below, you wouldn’t blame her either – this was how her old website looked like.

DanAnd RMI old website

The Missteps

As you will see in the above screenshot, there is a whole of nothing going on on this page. The logo is way too big, taking up a large piece of real estate above the fold and completely creating a disproportion on the website. Within the slider, there use to be a video that didn’t take up the full width of it but just a small square in the middle. There is no substantial home page copy to give the audience an intro the company other than those sentence written. There is nothing on this page that shows any professionalism or that will attract any visitor to generate a lead.

The internal pages were just as bad, so you know that there is definitely no SEO consideration being taken in either.

The After – A Whole New Face

I did a quick research of the previous marketing company that designed Rosalba’s website. After seeing their portfolio, I noticed that many of their websites were the same. Not so much of SEO friendly designs, the used large fonts for regular body text and dark colors which really weren’t aesthetically pleasing to the eye. At the end of the day, they just plainly dropped the ball on Rosalba’s website.

So the obvious first move to make was to completely erase the old website and start fresh with a custom web design – see the final product below:

DanAnd RMI new website
  • As you will see, there is actual information now on the site to tell you what the company does. We narrowed in their target market which are high end developers in Miami-Dade and Broward County and made sure to show that throughout.
  • Rosalba got her son to design her a new logo which is 10 times better than the old but its size still presented a bit of challenge. So what did we do? Add their phone number for easy contact and social links to the header to help cover some of the real estate.
  • Instead of adding their video to the slider, we kept it as a separate entity next to their company introduction to give a visual to the text.
  • Rosalba wanted to showcase her the high-end developments that her company has worked on and the well-known developers that has worked along side with. This way when potential clients come to visit her website they can corroborate her experience within the field.
  • More importantly, we wanted to showcase testimonials from her clients who are well-known within the development industry.
  • The website is responsive, on a WordPress platform. We added on-page SEO factors on to every page – includes title tages, meta, alt, and headers.

As you will see, the look and feel of the website is completely different from the original. Rosalba ended loving the final product and working personally alongside with us throughout the process. Remember, that when you research marketing companies, cost shouldn’t be the final nail in the coffin for your decision to work with them. A cheap website might end up costing you more in the long run, so if you are serious about your business then make a serious investment on your website.

If you are unhappy with your current website, contact us today and we’ll provide you a quote.

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