Promote Your Business By Utilizing Your Patient’s Social Media Presence

A great way to help promote your services is by taking photos of real life clients and their radiant smiles following their visit to your dental office. If you haven’t already, you should absolutely get on top of social media marketing, as it can help boost your clientele base both online and in person. Posting photos of your satisfied patients on your social media sites can help get the word out as well as provide an image that many people can connect with. However, it is important to use the best strategy available to draw the fine line between redundancy and relatability.

Understanding the Strategy

So, how do you define that line? Well, it’s actually quite simple; utilize your patient’s own social media and smart devices, such as cell phone and tablets, to promote your business.

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For the sake of this post, we’re going to focus on one social media site: Facebook. Facebook is essentially the most popular of all social media sites and is used by millions of users around the world. Of course, you’re not trying to access all those millions of people, but you are trying to use Facebook marketing to reach out to people in your local area. The best way to do so is to piggyback on those users who already are connected with other locals (i.e., your patients).

Now, you may think, why not use my company’s device to post to my page? Simple, because this requires you get digital or written HIPAA-compliant authorization from your patient allowing you to post their image on your site. In many cases, this can be cumbersome, annoying, and may even seem invasive to some clients. On the other hand, if your client posts a picture via their personal Facebook account, no forms or HIPAA-compliant permissions are necessary.

However, the best reason to have your clients post to your dental page using their own Facebook account is because the post will also be shared on their newsfeed! This means that you can access about 35% of your patient’s friends.

Picture This Scenario

Someone is casually scrolling through his or her newsfeed and a close friend shares a picture of their smile following a teeth whitening. The friend looks satisfied and their dental work looks phenomenal! Now, this person has been searching for a highly regarded dentist to do some dental work for some time now, and they decide to reach out to their friend to ask for the dentist’s name and phone number. Just like that, your dental office has received a recommendation and has a potential new patient!

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You might now be wondering, how you insist your patients take a picture with their own device and post it to their page? Well, it is also a great opportunity to highlight their smile! Instead of asking them to take a picture and post to your page, ask them if you would like them to take a picture of their radiant smile so they can show it off to their friends and family. Ask them to tag or mention your dental office. From there, all you have to do is share it within your dental practice’s Facebook page! This helps you avoid over-posting the same generic picture with the same caption. Instead, your followers will see individualized photos with individualized messages and your practice will reach new potential clients.

Promoting Your Business Further

While Facebook and other social media sites are a great way to promote your Internet presence, Clicc Media Inc can help you cover all the bases needed to truly generate a strong following online. We offer SEO optimization dedicated specifically to help dental practices< grow and develop. Contact us at (954) 271-3111 to schedule your 1-on-1 consultation today!

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