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We will provide a free Website Analysis for one website. Your audit will be done by one of our web design and SEO professionals to find areas of opportunities in which your website can be improved for better user experience and higher rankings. You will be given a score of 0-100 which will be based off a 10 point checklist we evaluate each site on.

We will look at:

  • Responsiveness of design
  • Above the fold information
  • Page layout and flow of content
  • Call-to-actions and lead capturing
  • Site Structure
  • Analytics Implementation
  • Site Speed
  • SEO Factors

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Why Your Business Needs This

Before you begin your online marketing campaign, you first need to have a good website that will reinforce your marketing efforts. Our website analysis is the beginning step in providing you with insight on how to strengthen your online presence. The feedback we provide is aimed to help your business begin to rank higher on Google’s search engine and better convert your visitors once they land on your web page.

Once a prospect lands on your page, they should understand who you are and what you can provide them within a matter of seconds. Their journey to your site should immediately match their search intention and their steps on how communicate with you should be a smooth transition as well. We look at all of these factors and show you areas of opportunity that can improve your conversion rate significantly from one month to the next.

This isn’t your typical website analysis where you are given some general SEO score. No, we will break down specific areas and highlight why it isn’t working and offer suggestions on how to make it better. You won’t find another website analysis like this out there!

Our Clients Say it Best

First off I have to say I am more than happy and excited for my website. Clicc Media was able to help me in achieving a vision and also implementing their best advice to create my website. We have had personal meetings and discussed all options and different ways of not only starting the website but succeeding in gaining customers. I would recommend any of my friends and acquaintances to Clicc Media and their awesome service!Escapade Now