Invest Time In Your Blog and Use It As A Tool To Generate More Leads

Have you ever landed on a company’s website and found that their blog hasn’t been updated in years? To many this might not come across as such a big deal but, as an online marketer, all I see are missed opportunities to generate more leads and income.

With the exponential growth in content marketing and the cutthroat competition, it’s very important to implement a content marketing strategy that will keep your blog up to date on at least a monthly basis.

content is king

Content Is King: The Benefits

You’ve heard this a thousand times, because everyone in online marketing has been preaching this mantra for years.

Yet some of you may even think – why should I bother taking the time to write all of these blogs? Does anyone actually read them? Am I just wasting my time?

The short answer is yes, people do read them and no, you are not wasting your time! Know that blogging is much more than just a high number of social shares! Here are some of the benefits that your website and business can receive:

  • An increase in your website’s online presence and web traffic. This means brand expansion for you!
  • The ability to rank for new long-tail keyword phrases, which will help target your specific market
  • Establish your company as an authority within your specific practice areas
  • Being able to educate and answer any client or prospect’s questions and concerns in a quick and easy fashion
  • Generate a more involved social presence and reach out to potential clients
  • Grow your backlink profile – other websites can link to you as a resource for their own blogs
  • Improve and develop your website’s SEO efforts

Don’t Want To Update Your Blog? This Is What You Can Expect

Perhaps the benefits listed above won’t motivate you enough to blog actively for your company, so instead, allow me to list the potential damage that an untended blog can present your brand:

the downside of an outdated blog

Your SEO Is Impacted (and Not in a Good Way)

Google knows how often your website is updated. It favors websites that are updated on a regular basis and provide new content for their audiences. The more frequently you update your website, the more often it will be crawled and indexed. If Google notices that your website has been stagnant for a while, it will stay away. No online business wants to be on Google’s ignore list – so make sure yours isn’t.

Missed Ranking Opportunities

Blogs give your website an opportunity to rank for specific long-tail keyword phrases that may not generate as much attention as your main targeted keywords would.

For example: a local dentist is targeting “Pembroke Pines dentist” which presents high competition. But, if he writes a blog about “The Benefits of 3D Dental Imaging for Dental Implants”, it will allow him to showcase his knowledge in updated dental technology. Additionally, with the correct on-page SEO techniques, he may be more likely to rank high for a specific niche keyword phrase than the competition within his city.

Outdated Can Be A Turnoff

A website is much more than just a landing page to keep on the Internet. It is the embodiment of your knowledge and authority within your field. An outdated website and untended blog can be a turnoff for prospect clients. It can prompt them to think twice about contacting your business. It may even lead them to wonder if you are still in business, or if you are a reliable company.

So, How Often Should You Update Your Blog?

If you are a one-man team, trying to run a business is a hard task on its own. Finding the time to set aside to come up with new topics to write about can prove to be tricky. We always suggest setting a goal. It can be small or big – just make sure it is approachable and attainable.

Think about your budget and time – how much can you comfortably allocate to investing into this important practice? Maybe writing one blog a month is realistic for your business. However, if a weekly or daily blog is feasible and the funds are available, it may be wise to appoint a department dedicated to building your content marketing strategy.

Either way, the goal is to write as much as you reasonably can. If once a month is what you can do then I say that is better than not blogging at all! Just remember, it is crucial to keep your blog updated and keep Google crawling your website in order to keep generating traffic.

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Another important factor when it comes to blogging is to make sure to focus on consistency. Aim to post your blogs on the same day every week or month. Maintaining uniformity helps readers stay updated and interested. Here at Clicc Media Inc we aim to write two blogs a week to be published every Tuesday and Thursday. Thanks to this system, our readers know to expect new information from us on those days.

Keep in mind, you shouldn’t be writing just to write. Your intended goal should be to create quality content that provides insight and a solution to a problem within your industry. Prospect clients and those interested by your subject matter will be pleased to find educational, organized material that is concise and informative. Providing in-depth detail such as statistics, images, infographics or videos will help back up your content. This also adds visual appeal to keep your audience focused on your blog.

Can’t Keep Your Blog Updated, Here’s The Good News

There are several content marketing companies and indie writers, that can take burden off your shoulders, for a nominal price – while you can focus on increasing your business.

If you find yourself wanting to keep an up-to-date blog, but can’t find the time to do so or don’t consider yourself a writer then contact us today to learn more about our monthly internet marketing plans that include blogging services along with other top services that will boost your business’ rankings on google.

Why Clicc Media Inc?

When clients come to us for web design and online marketing services, we do not approach it as just another project and check. Our goal is to build a relationship with our clients to help develop their business into a successful one. Our aim to help make them an authoritative resource within their city and niche; and one of the ways we accomplish this is by producing monthly quality blogs.

Contact us today to learn more about our content marketing services and how we can help keep your blog up-to-date with resourceful information.

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