How do I keep my content up to date so that Google sees it?

Web content becomes stale with time, making your web content less likely to be discovered. Fortunately, there are simple strategies for keeping your material current so that Google can continue to find you.

Techniques for keeping your content up to date

Ideally, you should be adding new content to your web pages on a frequent basis. There is, however, another approach to get Google’s attention: by upgrading your current content. Because Google uses “freshness” as a ranking criterion, having fresh content allows you to stay relevant. Improving existing content is typically quicker and faster than reinventing your site, and updates alone are likely to result in a noticeable increase in traffic.

How do you decide which content should be updated?

When it’s time to renew your content, it can be difficult to know exactly what areas to focus on. A content review will assist you in determining which items need to be changed. Before you go forth to audit your content there are a few key things to keep in mind:

  • For blog posts, age is important. Google favors new content, they even display dates in their search engine results page or SERPs. Readers are less likely to click on posts that appear out of date. The good news is once you update content, Google will display the date for when the content was last updated.
  • Frequency is vital. Google favors content that is frequently updated. Though a daily update may be excessive, you should add new content to your website as often as possible. Frequent updates will also help you avoid forgetting about old content that can be easily overlooked by you but noticeable to a new customer.

Strategies for updating content

There are several methods for updating content. Some can be completed quickly, while others will take some planning. Here are a few key strategies to use when updating content:

Refresh Meta-Data Descriptions

Meta descriptions serve as the gateway to your website. Rewriting your meta-data descriptions on a regular basis can help drive new traffic to your website. Meta-data descriptions, like content, can age with time. Meta descriptions matter because they influence how your website appears in search engine results pages and how many people click through to your website. Clicks will affect your traffic and engagement rates, which can have an impact on your SEO and rankings. Remember that users are less likely to click on meta descriptions that are irrelevant, complex, or just uninteresting.

Rewrite the article in a new tone

When a reader encounters out-of-date content, they are likely to abandon the website. Paying attention to what is trending in the topic area that you are promoting, can make the content more appealing. You should be asking yourself whether the article you have written sounds current for the topic area or if there is any new information that isn’t mentioned in the old edition. Even something as simple as changing the main heading and page title to something catchier or trendy can help to attract new readers.

Think Outside the Box

When it comes to updating your material, think outside the box. For example, updating your photos, graphics, or infographics is an easy and quick approach to keep your content current. In today’s digital age, it’s pretty easy to find high-quality photographs for free. Your site will be appealing, easy to use, and engaging if you deliberately apply visual design techniques. Engaged users will increase traffic to your website, and eye-catching designs will make it stand out. Another thing to remember is to look for ideas from your competitors. Plagiarism is never a good idea, so you should never carbon-copy existing content, however, examining or researching higher-ranking and lower-ranking websites can give you new ideas for what works and what doesn’t.

Update your Sources

It’s a good idea to think about upgrading your sources as you update your material. Keeping your material up to date can be as simple as adding new external links. If existing content has become outdated, it may also present an opportunity to add fresh content to connect too. You should also double-check that all of your links are still functional. Make sure none of them misdirect or are no longer available, as this can undermine the credibility of your information.

Go back to the basics

Last but not least, when updating information, keep the basics and purpose in mind. The goal of keeping your material fresh is to please your customers and educate them about your business, brand, products, and service. Happy customers result in increased clicks and interaction, signaling to Google that your page is worthy of being at the top of the search results.

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