Google’s New Feature Just Made It Easier For You to Handle An Inappropriate Review.

Online consumer reviews have the power to make or break the overall reputation of your business. While a collection of positive reviews can help boost a company’s accountability and keep you on the forefront of consumer demand, it only takes one negative review to chip away at an otherwise solid foundation.

As solid as this foundation may be, the truth is that you can’t please everyone. You’re bound to receive at least one consumer voicing a negative experience, and there are numerous ways that your business can improve upon, and eventually bury, these reviews. However, it’s the ones that border inappropriate that are tougher to swallow, especially since your business is being frowned upon in an unfair light. Luckily, Google has introduced a new feature that can help you contest unfair and inappropriate reviews.

Need to Contest a Review? Here’s How.

  • Sign into your Google My Business dashboard
  • Once logged in, click on the tools wheel icon on the top right corner of the dashboard. This will generate a drop-down menu
  • Click on help, then Contact Us in the drop down menus. This will direct you to the Google My Business Help page
  • Click on Photos, reviews or business summaries, then Inappropriate review in the drop down menus

Now that you’ve reached the point of action, select how you’d like to report the review. You can select from the following options:

  • Request a Call
  • Email
  • Additional Resources

If you select the option to report the review via email, you will be redirected to a form that will ask you basic information, such as your name and Google My Business email address and the exact content of the review in question.

Negative Reviews Can Still Yield Positive Results

Google’s new feature provides a positive tool to help take immediate action against inappropriate reviews. It’s also a way of staying on top of your site performance and further improve reputation management for your business.

Keep in mind, however, that Google will only remove a comment if it violates their review policies. For all others, it is up to your business to bounce back from negative reviews that can potentially lower your search rankings and damage your online presence. This shift can be achieved through effective marketing strategies that can help you gain the exposure you need to improve your business performance and eventually bury a bad review. Contact Clicc Media Inc today at 954-271-3111 to learn how we can provide the reputation management services to your business overcome the effects of bad reviews.

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