Simple Guidelines To Help You Optimize Your Tags to Stand Out

Title tag helps define the content written within the page and are still considered one of the most important SEO factors for your website. For this reason, it is very important that your page has an optimized tag to reap the full benefit of the power behind it.

SERP Title Tag

Optimizing Your Titles

Title Tag Length

Back in early 2014 Google increased the font size of their search result titles while still keeping the overall size of the search container the same. This lead for many title tags to be cut off as the amount of character allotted went from 70 to 60 max, therefore eliminating important information that the webmaster was trying to show about the page. This lead the average character count to reduce to around 55.

[2017 Update]Once again, Google made another change and the character count has now gone up to an average of 70. If you keep your tag within that limit you should be guaranteed that everything will be shown in the search results page. For WordPress websites, WordPress SEO by Yoast is a great free plug-in to help make sure that your title tags and meta descriptions fall within the appropriate character to be shown completely.

Extra Tip: you can create an on-site factor excel sheet and include a simple =LAN(A1) to help you keep character count for both title tags and meta descriptions and have them all ready at a glance.
title tag sample

Keyword Placement and Priority

We would highly suggest putting the page’s main keyword at the beginning of your title tag and then follow it up with your company name (branding), target city, target audience or combination of the three if possible. A great way to make your title tag more compelling is to add call to action. This could be the mention of a free consultation, quote or something that will engage the audience right away and help you stand out from the other sites in the SERPs.

Our main keyword is “custom web design services”, we are located in Pembroke Pines, one of our target audiences is attorneys and we offer a free website analysis.

  • Tag option 1: Web Design Services | Pembroke Pines | Clicc Media
  • Tag option 2: Custom Web Design Services | Get A Free Website Analysis
  • Tag option 3: Custom Web Design Services For Dentist | Clicc Media Inc
  • Tag option 4: Custom Web Design Services | Clicc Media Inc

In Conclusion

If you want your website to hit all the necessary on-site SEO factors, start with a search engine friendly and optimized title tag. The last thing you would want to see on the search result page is an ellipsis “…” at the end of your tag because it was too long. Simply follow the above guidelines and you should be fine.

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