The Problem

Promptus, LCC is a global logistics company located in Miramar, FL who had a ineffective online presence even when partnering with an online marketing company. They had a monthly cost of $3,000 (which included the Adwords budget) but were receiving low quality leads from consumers outside of their desired target market and leads that were not covering or producing more than their marketing budget investment. Julio, one of the partners, learned that a change was needed and decided to meet with us to see what we could bring to the table to help increase their leads and revenue.

The Results

From mid-December 2016 (which is when we began our campaign efforts) to December 31, 2017, we were able to cut their monthly spending by at least a third, generate a marketing ROI of 163% and increase their online presence and prominence through the help of web design updates, SEO, Adwords, and social media marketing. This led Promptus, LLC to become more aligned with their target market which are other businesses (and not personal/individual consumers while also generating continual monthly revenue from these closed leads.

Our Strategy

step 1

Technique 1

Optimize Website for Search Engines

On-Page Optimization

We wanted to make sure each page had a focal keyword phrase that was being targeted. Although they are located in Miramar, FL, their intentions are to reach businesses around the nation who are looking for freight forwarders or customs brokers within Florida or specifically “South Florida”. This mean updating the website’s title tags, meta descriptions, heading tags, alt tags and content to include the focus keywords we were targeting. This worked hand-in-hand with the SEO tactics we implemented to begin increasing traffic (mainly organic) to

Design and Speed Optimization

They had two websites, so we kept the newest website and merged them into one to avoid duplicate content. The website was designed by another company, so we took the existing shell and worked on the areas of opportunities we found. We added a contact form on every page with tracking, we added an easy to see and click mobile call button (for mobile version), and redefined information hierarchy for better user experience. The site was incredibly slow, so we converted to HTTPS, significantly reduced image sizes, added cache plugins, and eliminated files and scripts that were not providing a service to the site and its goals.

Updating Existing Content

While there was a significant amount of content being provided on the website, it needed to be updated for better flow, explanation and grammar purposes. We took what was there and rearranged the information to provide visitors the necessary cues that would immediately grasp their attention. As we began going through all of their pages, we also began to unconver internal linking opportunities that would only benefit our SEO efforts and keep their visitors on the site a while longer.

step 2

Technique 2

SEO Optimization

Technical SEO

When the new website was created, the previous company did not consider looking into broken links. We went ahead and fixed over 80 broken links, and made sure their sitemap was properly submitted and indexed. We also noticed their Google Analytics was not properly set up, therefore skewing any of the results they provided. We created a Testing view and “True Data” view in which we block spam referral on a monthly basis and review all goal and event tracking that we had implemented.

Building Citations

The previous marketing company had initiated a link development campaign for Promptus, so we had to create our own in order to go and reclaim all of existing profiles, update the website domain and business information to make sure that everything remained consistent throughout the web. The more citations and industry-related profiles created, the more we increased their online prominence and more importantly their organic reach.

step 3

Technique 3

Refine Google Adwords Campaign

Targeting the Correct Market

Considering our SEO efforts were going to take months to come into fruition, we wanted to make sure the Adwords campaigns were going to target their ideal consumers. This meant creating national and local campaigns and updating their keywords, landing pages and ads to focus on a business-to-business engagement rather than B2C. All of these efforts helped us keep an average CTR of 4.02%.

Negative Keywords and Extensions

To make their spending dollars even more effective we included Negative Keywords Lists and Ad Extensions which their original campaign lacked. Negative keywords helped stay away from products the company could not assist in importing and exporting, as well from individuals looking to ship personal packages. The ad extensions gave us more “ad power” and real estate to help stand out against competitors.

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