These 6 Tools Can Help Promote Your Dental Site on Instagram

Go just about anywhere nowadays and you are bound to see dozens of people with their smartphones nearly glued to their hands. In today’s world, social media has become more than just a way to stay connected with friends, family, and like-minded individuals. It has become a platform for people to share their thoughts and opinions. So, naturally, it has extended into businesses.

Instagram allows users to share snippets of their lives and connect with followers by sharing pictures and videos. But did you know that 80% of Instagram accounts are following at least one business account? If you learn how to utilize this social media marketing tool properly, those followers could be for your dental practice!

Boost Engagement With Your Dental Practice

Over 25 million businesses use Instagram as a way to promote their goods or services – and that number is steadily increasing. IG users are constantly recording parts of their life to share with their followers, even with mundane things such as visiting the dentist! Having the ability to feature, interact with, and be tagged by your patients is the modern-day approach to word-of-mouth marketing.

Here are some excellent tools that you should be taking advantage of to help track your engagement with potential clients on Instagram.

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This is probably the most helpful of all of the Instagram tools, as it offers a direct look at how your posts are performing amongst your followers. Insights allow you to have a better understanding of exactly who is seeing and interacting with your posts. For dental practices, this will let you know how well you are faring against local users – which is where conversions will truly be made.


In August 2016, Instagram introduced their newest, very Snapchat-esque, feature: Stories. This is a great way to give your dental practice’s IG a personal touch and show followers quirky day-to-day insights. It allows you to share regularly without clogging up timelines! Take advantage and use stories to highlight awesome amenities throughout your office or wish an employee a Happy Birthday.

Layout and Slideshow

Get creative with your posts! Layout allows you to incorporate more than one image into the picture and embellish it with borders or different filters. Slideshow, as the name suggests, allows you to display multiple pictures in the same post so users can scroll through them like a slideshow. Use this to show off side-by-side before and after pictures or display patient photos alongside testimonials!


Boomerang is a huge hit with Instagram users from both personal and business accounts! This fun app takes a burst of photos and then strings them together to display a moving image. Unlike popular gifs, Boomerangs play on a loop, creating a back-and-forth effect. Boomerang posts have no sound, so they are a great way to add a little flair to an otherwise simple picture. You can post a boomerang directly to your account or share it temporarily within your Instagram stories.

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Tags and Hashtags

Hashtags are an excellent way to try to promote exposure to your post and it can help potential followers find you based on their location, taste, or interests. Your posts can be easily found in a stream with related posts using the same hashtag. If you can find one that is both catchy and relevant to your brand, the possibilities are great!

Directly tagging people is another great way to draw attention to your posts, but it must be used carefully. A great way to start is by tagging the dentists and dental assistants at your practice. This will allow the post to appear in their feeds and in a special tab on their Instagram profile as well!

Promote Posts

While this may not help to generate organic followers and engagement, promoting certain Instagram posts can be an excellent tool. It allows you to put yourself in front of the exact demographic you are appealing to for a small fee. Of course, you will have to tap into your marketing budget to do so, but it can really help your profile take off! Over 2 million accounts use Instagram to advertise, so why not you?

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Struggling With Social Media?

As a dental office, your number one concern is likely your patients and your practice. It can be tough to dedicate the necessary time and effort to building your social media pages and implementing marketing resources to help increase your patient base.

Clicc Media Inc can help! We specialize in local SEO and marketing for Dentists. Our qualified staff offers the necessary tools, experience, and knowledge to help boost engagement across all social media platforms, including Instagram. Contact us today at (954) 271-3111 to receive your personalized quote for our services!

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