31 Ways to Attract New Patients for your Practice in an Hour or Less

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Here’s What You’ll Learn

Social Media

How to leverage Facebook and Instagram to help you begin attracting new patients and help your grow authority within your local market.


Different ideas on how to use your CRM or email marketing platform to not only reconnect with past patients but to bring in new ones.


How to use your website to your benefit and implement numerous ways to get prospects to communicate with you and engage.

About Your Author

Marli Espinales

Co-Founder & Internet Marketing Director

Marli is co-founder of Clicc Media Inc and a creative at heart who has grown a passion for online marketing and business consulting. She makes it a point to understand how businesses work to create marketing campaigns that will eliminate points of pains for business owners and steer them on a path towards financial growth. She oversees all of the marketing operations for the Clicc’s clients.