A User and Search Engine Friendly Makeover

Portable Repair, Inc

Location: Miramar, FL
Website: http://www.portable-repair.com/

Designing An Informative and User Friendly Experience

Portable Repair, Inc provides all of their clients with the highest quality two-way radio communications devices and solutions available. Looking to become a stronger competitor in their local market (and eventually nationally), they knew they needed to implement an online marketing campaign to do so. When we first spoke, the direction of the conversation geared more towards SEO and other online marketing tactics but when I was directed to their website, I knew the first step needed before launching any sort of campaign was to update their design.

Your website is the hub in which most of your leads will come back to. So as you will see in the above images that we needed to make some big changes in order for any of their future marketing to be effective.

  • We designed an actual logo for them, to provide them with an official look and symbol that reflects the company and what they do.
  • Content marketing moved to the forefront of this project. The original website lacked content, so we curated information to provide visitors which would answer most questions they would have about their services while also providing signals to Google to let them know what each individual page is about.
  • Implemented a on-page SEO factors to establish a foundation for their future marketing.
  • Each page has conversion factors such as a large number up-top and a contact form, making it easier for visitors to reach them. Both of these elements have tracking events which can be viewed in Google Analytics to help understand their incoming traffic’s behavior better.
  • Designed a static home banner with a strong and captivating headline and easy to see call-to-action.
  • The design is fast loading and now responsive, so it will adapt to any screen size and will fall into regulation with Google’s AMP preference.

Overall their website got the makeover it desperately needed to not only showcase a more professional look and feel but to also establish a strong platform for their marketing. Let us know what you think of this website below!

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