A Visual Taste of the Caribbean Flavor

Anquanette Gaspard is founder of the new up and coming culinary tour, Virgin Islands Food Tours. As the business name states, this is a food tour that takes place in the beautiful Virgin Islands that will give you an authentic taste of the Caribbean.

Anquanette had a vision in mind to showcase different local and historical elements that represent the Virgin Islands on to the company’s logo. There were three things she requested: a sugar mill because St. Croix was one of the richest sugar islands in the Caribbean, the island’s national flower and of course the food utensils. Once we received her notes and they style she envisioned her logo to be in, we went into research and concept mode.

First Phase of Logo Concepts

  • The First Concept: All three elements were included within this logo. The utensils were used as the fans for the windmill, and the flowers created the silhouette of the island.
  • The Second Concept: We went for a more linear and cleaner route. The utensils were used within the frame where the company name would go and displayed the sugar mill as the main element of the logo.
  • The Third Concept: Once again used all three elements within the logo. The fan of the sugar mill was replaced with the national flower and the elements were placed on top of a plate to represent us “serving you a taste of the Virgin Islands culture”.

After collaborating with the client, we realized that she wanted to see another option that would still offer a modern display with a historical touch. She wanted something that advertised the vibrancy that is the “Virgin Islands” – so we went back to the drawing board.

The Next Round

  • The First Concept: We moved the flowers from the base of the logo as the silhouette of the island got lost in the design. We added color to this phase to help bring some pop to the elements.
  • The Second Concept: We eliminated some lines from the frame to help clean it up – this way the utensils stand out more and so does the company name.
  • The Third Concept: Anquanette had created a very simple logo a while back which she shared with us, which had the company in large font as the main focus. We took her concept and gave it a revamp which included some of the historical elements she had originally requested.

Once Anquanette received these updates, she knew we were now heading in the right direction. She fell in love with the new concept and was still attracted to the second design as well, so for the next phase we decided to make updates to the 3rd logo and kept the 2nd option as a reference for her to review.

Almost Rounding The Corner

  • The First Concept: This stayed the same, just offered a new color palette.
  • The Second Concept: The plate and utensils in the previous phase seemed randomly placed and Anquanette really wanted to have the sugar mill still incorporated so we made those changes in this phase. We used the loop of the letter “V” to play the “plate” roll and then added the sugar mill where the original plate was located.

The Final Logo

virgin islands food tours logo

The Final Updates: We used the sugar mill concept from the original logos to include the utensils as the fan and used the nation’s flag colors to complete the look.

This was definitely an amazing creative process for our team and we are so happy to have worked with a client who is so passionate about her business and vision.

Let us know what you think about the logo below.

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