A Small Fish in a Huge Pond, Looking to Empower

Founder of The EMPower Group, Eileen Matos, was referred to our team by a previous client, Ginky Torres, whom we created a law firm logo for a few years back!

She came with us with a vision for her new real estate business. She is wanting to serve communities and empower and educate them to invest in their future and leave a legacy through homeownership. She wants this to be a real estate group where relationships are more important than transactions. She also wants to make sure her future partners feel that they belong and are part of the group, yet emphasize her position as team leader.

Let’s break down the process.

Our Research

We looked at the companies you listed within the Questionnaire she completed, as well as some others we came across through our research and we found key similarities between them. The classic symbols are predominant: the roofline of a house, a line drawing of a house, and simple letter icons.

Logos in the form of a house prevail. It seems to be one of the easiest to recognize which is why it has
been so popular in the real estate industry for so many years. If we decided to follow the trend, we felt her company would not stand out on its own but be lost amongst the many.

For the same reason, many of the logos are blue. Blue has been an industry favorite. Psychologically blue is a safe but sophisticated hue and is known to have a calming effect. There is also an established associative relationship of blue with confidence.

Black is the color of elegance, sophistication, strength, and power and boosts confidence. A number of real estate firms that deal in exclusive, luxury real estate adopt black, grey, and gold as their trademark colors.

The additional colors presented have the following associations: Green is warm, inviting, denotes goodwill, and since it is also the color of money, it creates thoughts of wealth. Brown can evoke feelings of reliability, support, stability, structure, and trustworthiness. Purple is the color of royalty and adds a touch of elegance and prestige. Gray gives logos a classic feel. Gold is strongly associated with wealth, success, confidence, and knowledge.

Since she also mentioned in the questionnaire her intention is to work with her son on this venture in the future, we steered away from overly feminine and script fonts.

real estate logos on google

First Concept

For the first concept, we decided to aim for a confident look and perception of your company. Although most logos within the real estate field are in one way or another conceptualized as a house or a roof, we made yours unique yet recognizable.

Using these current popular colors and simple yet sophisticated fonts, it helps make this first concept a very modern approach.

first concept empower group

Second Concept

Circles are a symbol of stability and collaboration. Logos that use rings are designed to be welcoming, positive, and focused on a message of unity.

For color, we selected blue as it conveys feelings of strength, dependability, and tranquility. We wanted to take advantage of blue’s trustworthy message. It’s a go-to color for any company that prides itself on its professionalism and reliability.

For the font we chose Foglihten. This font plays a bit to the feminine side without going overboard. We also felt it would be different enough to make people recognize the name and enable you to stand out in the crowd which in turn helps to sustain public recognition.

For your icon, the letters “temg”, as you suggested in your questionnaire, have been utilized.

second concept empower group

Third Concept

For your third and final concept within this presentation, we used a twist on the letters E and M for your icon. In the Questionnaire provided, you mentioned you would like to see a play on the letters E and M from Empower.
became the basis for the visual style. We wanted to offer you an option that would set you apart.

Having transformed the letters E and M into a new, elegant and modern version, we helped make it a unique, yet a recognizable symbol for your firm.

We used black for the original concept. It is a corporate color, used quite often to invoke a feeling of prestige and confidence. Black shows strength, sophistication, and elegance.

third concept empower group

Which Logo Was Selected?

Option 1 was the immediate winner, we just updated the final color options and she loved it!.

Let us know what you think below!

empower group final logo

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