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Altamonte Springs Yoga

Location: Altamonte Springs, FL
Website: https://www.altamontespringsyoga.com

Let’s Make Things a Bit Easier

MyLinda Morales is the owner of Yoga University of Florida and Altamonte Springs Yoga, both incredible studios who have grown a strong yogi community in the city of Altamonte Springs. Being a long-time business owner she was use to wearing multiple hats, including that of webmaster – but that changed when Marli Espinales, (me), came in.

I reviewed both of her websites and there were in need of not only design updates but overall functionality – to not only make it easier for students to navigate through and increase online registration, but reduce the amount of updates MyLinda had to make to keep information current.

Peace Out, Network Solutions

First thing we did was update her web and domain hosting. She was with initially with Network Solutions, whom she was unhappy with, so I transferred the three domains she had on NS to her GoDaddy account where she had 10 other ones – this allows them all to be under one roof. After that, we purchased the to keep both of her websites under one account.

Web Hosting

Once we completed that first step, we moved on to the design aspect of the project. You can view the before layout to see the big improvements we made:

old Altamonte Springs Yoga website
  • The main thing is getting students to begin interacting with the website more, allowing them to register for classes and easily view the class schedule on any screen-type. So we added a login/registration functionality to help make this possible – the goal is to begin transitioning students from offline paper registrations to online.
  • Added the MindBody class schedule through a script code which automatically updates everyday. This eliminates the need for MyLinda to go in every time to manually update any changes that may occur during the day/week – such as teacher sub or class cancellations.
  • We cleaned up the content, adding more information, corrected grammar and punctuation.
  • Added on-page SEO factors such as title tags, alt-tags, headers, and so forth.
  • One of the biggest things was updating the “Workshops and Events” section. MyLinda spend time needing to update this section, to eliminate events that past and move the others up the line so the website remained current. We purchased the Events+ plugin which helps us automate this issue.
  • The website is now responsive, up-to-date and consistent with her logo/branding colors.

If you are need of a website redesign, we invite you to contact us through the form on our Web Design page – as soon as you submit the form you will receive our online Web Design Questionnaire which we can review to give you a custom quote. Let us know what you think about the new layout, hierarchy of information, colors and overall design below!

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