Link Building Tips For Dentist

When jump-starting your link building campaign, always remember that “quality” is more important than “quantity”. At Clicc Media Inc, we always suggest that you first acquire high quality local directories to help your dental practice begin to rank locally. These directories include:

  • Google
  • Yelp
  • Bing For Local Business
  • Yellowpages

In addition to these important local directories, your dental practice should also be added to industry-specific directories and websites on a monthly basis. By targeting and adding your practice to these niche directories, you are helping satisfy Google’s relevancy criteria and help your website drive more traffic.

What Is Considered A “Quality” Dentist Backlink?

Link acquisition, as previously mentioned, is a quality-over-quantity strategy. When adding your website to a local or dental-specific directory, it is important that you first evaluate the website to determine if it actually provides benefit to your backlink profile. Don’t acquire just any link – they should serve a beneficial purpose and refer more traffic and leads your way. Be cautious when choosing links that may potentially hurt your website more than they may help it.

Here are some factors to consider when determining whether to acquire a link from a website:

  • Is there any broken code shown anywhere on the site?
  • Is it packed with ads and slow-loading?
  • Is the website outdated?
    • If the website has a section for blogs, check the last time a new post was published; if their most recent post is more than a year old, it’s likely that the website hasn’t been reviewed and touched in a while and probably won’t be.)
  • Does it have a strong domain authority? (If it does not, abort mission.)
  • Is it a “nofollow” link?
  • Does the website have a strong social media presence? Look for social signals.
determine quality of links

Here Are Some Dental Specific Directories

Like any directory, there are both free and paid directories in which you can join. We suggest, if possible, to acquire a variation of both. Some directories will be a general listing for the firm, while in others you will add the dentist’s professional information and background–such as education, specific skills, professional memberships, etc. Regardless of the type of directory, always make sure to include your website URL. If it’s a dentist profile site, then link to their personal page on the website instead of the actual website; this helps with backlink variation.

Here are a few industry-specific directories to help jump start your dental practice’s link profile:

While link building can be time-consuming, the end result carries a powerful impact. Having a strong and healthy backlink profile can help increase your website’s authority and allow it to dominate search rankings.

Need Help With Your Link Building?

Here at Clicc Media, we have an extensive list of quality links that we can acquire for dentists who are interested in signing up for our dental SEO services. Link building is only a part of your internet marketing efforts, contact us today to learn more on how our team can help with your dental practice’s SEO.

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