DIY: Link Building For

Dental Websites

Do-it-yourself dental marketing – eliminate the middle man and start your own in-house marketing team!

Link building is a time consuming effort and very necessary to help build the authority our your dental website, so this is why we have cut a months worth of research down giving it to you in a platter within this eBook. This eBook will help you get you started on your internet marketing and rankings take-over while becoming the authority and go-to dental office within your target market! We are putting the power in your hands to take control of your very own link building development by providing you with over 100 quality links you can acquire for the next year!

  • An overview of what link building is and why it is important
  • A link chart with a year worth of quality links and dentist specific profiles to acquire
  • A step-by-step breakdown on how properly fill our your link chart
  • A bonus guide on “How To Do Your Own Backlink Analysis”
  • A master backlink analysis chart to help remove spam links
For a limited time we are cutting the price of our eBook by 30% and giving you one of the best deals in online marketing! You can try to Google it but you will not find another eBook like this anywhere out there. We are not just giving you an overview of what link building is – we are giving you actual links to acquire!

Why are we doing this? We love helping small businesses grow, not just in size but in yearly revenue and we know that one of the ways to do this is by implementing an effective online marketing campaign. While there are many components that are critical to the success of your campaign, we wanted to give you a head start and help you with at least one piece of the puzzle.

Why You Need This

Making Your Life Easier A Link At A Time

seo for dentists

Your Own Internal Marketing Team

You can either do this on your own and have one of your staff to run your link development campaign for you. We are giving you the tools to help establish the beginning workings of your own internal marketing team.

seo for dentists

Saving You Money

By having the ability to do your link building internally, your practice will be saving thousands of dollars for the next year. You will now be able to cut some of the cost of having to pay a marketing company a high monthly do this for you.

seo for dentists

Saving You Time of Research

We have done the work for you! We have researched quality directories and industry specific profiles to sign up for. We have carefully broken them down on a per month basis with tips on how to keep track of their completion.

Clicc Media Inc

A Little About Us

Clicc Media Inc is an internet marketing company located in South Florida, providing services to small businesses, specifically to those within the dental, law and accounting fields. Our internet marketing monthly packages include a variation of services:

  • Link Building
  • Blogging
  • Video Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • PPC Management

What makes us different you ask? The inclusion of video marketing. We use all of the above services to help build and grow our client’s brand and business online. More importantly, we have used these services to generate and double our client’s yearly revenue which is what small businesses care about.

Our goal is to help spread our knowledge and offer starter tools to businesses who can’t afford our rates right away and get them on the path to online growth.

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A Great Way to Begin Your Own Internal Marketing Team

Frequently Asked Questions

A Little More Information For You

How many links are provided in the link chart?

There are 108 links provided within the link chart broken up into three quarters. Each quarter contains 4 months, 3 of those 4 months provide 12 quality links that you can acquire and on the 4 month you will do a backlink analysis.

Who do we contact if we are confused about the process?

We understand that this eBook might be a little overwhelming at first sight, as we provide a lot of in-depth steps and information. If you need further assistance to help break down the a specific process within the link building eBook, please email with the subject headline of “Dental Link Building Assistance”.

Are all of the links listed free?

About 95% of the links listed are free and there are a few that provide either a yearly or monthly sign-up fee.

Can I get my money back if I do not like this eBook?

Trust us, there is no reason why you wouldn’t like this eBook. We have given you a wealth of information that is so much worth than what we are charging. But if there is a chance that you did not enjoy the eBook or the information provided, we apologize but there are no returns and money-back guarantees.

What is the bonus “How To Do Your Own Backlink Analysis Guide”?

We don’t just want provide you with quality links to acquire but also want to inform you about spam links that can hurt your website and hinder your link building efforts. Within in this eBook we provide you with a bonus guide on how to do your own manual backlink analysis to remove those toxic links that could potentially hurt your rankings and how to submit your own Google disavow. These two components go hand-in-hand so we felt it essential to include it within the same eBook instead of separating the two.