Take Your PPC Results To The Next Level

Are you looking to invest into Google Adwords but don’t know where to start?

Or do you already have an account but it’s not generating leads while wasting your budget?

Well we can assist you on either route. Adwords is a great investment for any business looking to generate more monthly leads and revenue; if you believe otherwise it is very likely due to your account being set up inappropriately. Pay-per-click advertising delivers instant traffic to your business by placing your website at the top positions of the search engines as you build up your SEO.

With Adwords taking up larger real estate space on Google’s SERP, your company should aim to be on top. Ideally you want to show on paid ads, on the local map and organically. We can help with all three.

Start Gaining Immediate Leads Through Adwords

What’s included in Our AdWords Management?

We Set You Up For Success

Our Google Adwords management begins at $625 for the first month for 3 Ad Groups, which includes set-up and execution for the three Ad Groups and creation/optimization of landing pages. After that it will be $375 a month for us to monitor, manage, and optimize. If you would like to add more Ad Groups, it will be an additional $60 for each.

Keyword Discovery and Selection

Ad Text Creation

Optimize Landing Pages

Contact Form Tracking

Call Tracking

PPC Monitoring

PPC Cost Management

Landing Page Development and Improvements (as an additional service)

Monthly Report

Let Us Set Your Campaign Up For Success

Together We Will Help Increase Your Leads and Revenue