Video Creation & Marketing

Videos are the new user-friendly way of absorbing information quickly and hassle-free. YouTube being one of the largest search engines out there, we aim to focus on video marketing to help expand SEO efforts for our dental and service-based clients.

They are a useful and highly effective way to:

  • Provide a brief introduction of your company
  • Help solve a problem
  • Showcase a new service or product
  • Help answer a frequently asked question

The Different Video Styles We Offer

Every Video is Fully Optimized and Focused on a Targeted Keyword


We hire an Actor who will be answering frequently answered questions that your target market searches for the most — for a typical duration of 1 to 1.5 minutes. The video is shot on either a simple white background or office background.

Above is an example of a video we made for a client.

Cartoon Animation

A fun and engaging problem solving technique that uses a storyline to address a specific issue. A cartoon character is used to portray a visitor who is being guided towards a solution. Typical duration is 1-2 minutes.

Above is an example of a video we made for a client.

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