The Power of Video Marketing

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Straight Outta Youtube

source: “Straight Outta Compton” by N.W.A.

(You are now about to witness the strength of marketing knowledge)

Straight Outta Youtube, a marketing tactic called video,
A way to give your company a cool intro
Cause it’s engaging, and entertaining,
Your social media will thank you for campaigning
and help drive some exposure to your brand,
Show the competition where you stand
Keep your marketing from looking too bland,
and publish information in a way we understand
Cause Youtube is a beneficial platform,
A billion viewers every year that you can inform
Create a video to touch on our emotions,
A higher CTR to maximize promotion
Convince consumers that your services are worthy
and then convert them into buyers in a hurry
You can build some backlinks for your site,
Improve organic SEO to keep your business in sight
Yeah, so don’t you dare slack,
You need a video your audience will play back
(yeah) and help you rank much faster,
Without some visuals your site is a disaster
So if you need some pros to make it happen,
Then pay attention to this info that I’m rappin’
Clicc Media Inc includes video
as a standard feature other companies would charge for
So be a part of a marketing breakthrough,
and leave your competition cryin in your rearview,
Just listen to the Clicc Media Inc crew,
And when you gain leads, (yeah) you’ll be rankin’

Straight Outta Youtube

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