Why You Should Do A Backlink Analysis

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That Link Is “Poison”

Source: “Poison” by Bell Biv Devoe”

(Verse 1)
So, I must (warn yoooooou)
We sense something strange in your site
Backlinks lookin’ unnatural,
I’m clicking on some spam and that ain’t right
They’re oh, so (harmfuuuuul),
Organic traffic comin’ to a crawl
Your clients won’t (trust yooooou)
Because these links aren’t helping them at all

Your business is wasting its time,
now these spambots are creating links to toxic sites
You’re getting in over your head,
Watch what links you’re building,

That link is (pooisooooon)
Never trust a link leading to spam
That link is (pooisooooon)

(Verse 2)
Now that you know you need (precaution)
Cause SEO’s a long term fight
If Google (flags yoooooou),
Your website won’t be indexed online
They don’t (plaaaaaay)

They’ll drag you right out of their ranks, and database to exclude you
The higher the bad links, the more it hurts your rankings,
and you’ll fall victim to a Google penalty, HOOO

If toxic links are ruining your SEO
a backlink analysis is the way to go,
If you can’t remove them your-self,
contact the site owner for some help
Submit your inquiry to Google Di-sa-vow,
Don’t know how?
Clicc Media Inc provides a quarterly analysis for site compliance
(Man how do you know?) Cause it’s a marketing SCIENCE.

Backlink Analysis and Google Disavow Guide

Want to do your own backlink analysis for your website? We have written a step-by-step guide to doing your own backlink analysis. Check it out and if you prefer for us to do for you please contact us today to discuss further details.

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