Create A More Welcoming Environment For Your Visitors and See Your Traffic Grow

Have you ever sat down to read content on your computer and 30 seconds into it you find your attention wandering? Only to scroll the page down to check how much more there is to read and immediately decide you are no longer interested?

Now, take some time to look over your dental website, is it just filled with endless dental jargon with no visual break? Or if there are images, are they the unpleasant gory ones of dental procedures? If so, you could consider more than half of your visitors gone and your conversion rate declined.

Visual elements can have an extraordinary effect on your website’s conversion rate. Although, it is important to remember that you should not be adding just any image or video simply because you have read that you should. Images and videos that incorporate helpful information in a vivid and engaging manner will help visitors stay on your website. Make sure that you not only offer quality data that meets their needs, but also visual elements that help empower your words.

This suggestion can apply to any site, but in this post we will be focusing on dental websites.

The Gory Dental Procedures

Personally, I am not a fan of landing on a dental page that shows images of bloody mouths with missing teeth. I tend to immediately click away so I don’t have to look at it, and I don’t get the opportunity to find the answer I need. While I understand the reasoning behind these images, it may be best to reserve them to a specific area of the site. You can still offer the before and after look of the patients who have come to your office within your smile gallery where they are all contained in one location.

Instead of those images, find or create pictures that truly reflect what you are trying to illustrate. For example, let’s say you are creating a service page for root canals. When most people think of root canals, their brain automatically thinks “pain” and their body feels “fear”. Most dental websites usually add an image of a tooth with a huge medical drill in it in an effort to show their visitor what to expect (see image below).

root canal drill sample image

An image like this can add to the pain and fear factor, which leads your visitor to hesitate in contacting you. Now, instead of showing drills and broken teeth, try adding a simple stock image that shows a normal everyday guy that is experiencing oral discomfort (see image below).

oral discomfort stock image

This approach is easier on the eyes and the expression on his face is something your visitors can relate to. By matching an image such as this with related content, you are showing potential clients that you are here to relieve their pain and discomfort, not enhance it. Detail your dental approach in a way that not only breaks down the root canal procedure but also comfort’s clients and reminds them that, with your services, they can get back to a pain-free life. Presenting material this way produces an optimized conversion opportunity for your website.

Infographics Can Tell A Great Story

If you want to write a blog and offer a thorough explanation of different dental procedures, then infographics are a great way to go. They offer a wonderful alternative to show your potential patients what to expect when they go through the procedure and what could happen if they decide to keep postponing their pain. This can attractively present beneficial information and can be much more appealing than just putting images of untreated teeth.

Show Off Your Team and Office

You probably invested a great amount of time and money on your dental equipment, finding the right team, and decorating your office to provide a welcoming environment for your patients, so why not show it off? Why use stock images of dental offices that are nothing like yours when you can offer a welcoming preview to what can be expected when clients visit your office? A great first impression can begin online, and introducing your potential clients to your friendly staff via pictures on your website can help them feel more comfortable when at your office.

Instead of using stock images of dental chairs and of dental assistants that you’ve never met, spend half a day taking pictures of your office and your team. Give your visitors a tour of your location and show them your technology so they know what to expect. Take a team picture of your staff all in uniform to display a clean and trustworthy environment.

For example, Designer Family Dental took a great clear photo of their team and then below, provided each member’s personal profile for their visitors to learn more about.

dental team photo example

Videos Offer A Great Visual Break

Videos are a great way to deliver your message to your audience. They are informative in a visually appealing way and offer direct points to help answer any questions you may have. Many readers are visual learners and just don’t want to read long, boring content. Instead, they would rather see and hear what you have to say.

Take into consideration the surge in mobile browsing. Phone and tablet screens are smaller than the average computer screen, which can make it difficult for to read paragraphs of information. Listening to a video with strategic captions and wording can make it easier for them to learn more about you and your services.

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videos for content break

In Conclusion

By incorporating a combination of the above suggestions to the layout of website, you can enhance your user experience and increase your online conversions. If you are looking to update your website to reflect these changes, we can offer a free website analysis and redesign quote to help you break apart from your local competition. Contact us today to speak with a website specialist.

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