How Small Updates Can Make All The Difference

Information Consultants

Location: Pembroke Pines, FL

An Incomplete Product

Information Consultants is a consulting firm who offers a number of services and products dedicated to helping transition and maintain digital functionality to improve business workflow. Their main product is Laserfiche, in which they are an authorized gold standard reseller, something they really wanted to show more of on their website.

They originally contacted us for web design services, specifically to make new additions to their website and not really make changes to what they currently had. Unhappy with their current web designer, they were looking to move on and provided us with a brief overview of their needs along with a request for a quote.

If there is one thing you need to know about our company is that we usually don’t give direct quotes, we first like to evaluate your website thoroughly to see if we can complete the project properly, how long it may take us and to also find other areas of opportunities that we feel can improve your user experience.

That is exactly what we did. We noticed that the website itself felt incomplete, and certain conversion and SEO factors were either missing or improperly created. Although they said that they weren’t really looking to make any changes to their current design, we still outlined areas of opportunities that we felt as a marketing company, would benefit them in the long run. We did a quick website audit and provided a detailed message on how we could complete their desired requests, along with our own suggestions. It was because of this thorough step on our part, that Information Consultants felt comfortable enough to hire us for the project.

information consultants website before

Note: Banner image missing due

Some of The Changes We Made

  • Home page banner: On the original website (unfortunately wasn’t captured in the image above), the home page had a slider with 3 images, with content that kept getting lost on the image and with no clear call-to-actions.
    • Change made: We eliminated the slider and kept one single, static image. We created a bold headline that would capture your visitors attention, with a clear call-to-action button which is to “Schedule A Demo”.
  • Home page content: As you will see in the original design, there was barely any home page content- which we personally wanted to change.
    • Change made: They wanted to showcase “Laserfiche” more on their website, and let the audience know that this is the primary software they work with. We felt the perfect opportunity to do this was right above their videos, in where we created content introducing them and the product.
  • Contact Forms: Contact form and “Schedule A Demo” form were horribly placed on their inner page. You couldn’t tell which was which, one had no background which made them get lost on the page.
    • Change made: We removed the contact form and kept the “Schedule A Demo” cta, as the overall goal was to get the visitor schedule a demo. We added a nice blue background to make it stand out from the rest of the page, and added a sub-headline that matches that of the home page banner headline to keep it consistent.
  • On-Page SEO: Title tags, alt tags and other factors were either improperly created or just not created at all.
    • Change made: We fixed them all and made sure that each page had a focused keyword that was target throughout these components.
  • Mobile Number: The mobile version of the website, did not show their business number at the top, which is a must on any website we work on.
    • Change made: We added a clear and standout “call us” call-to-action button above their logo, to make it easier for a visitor to contact the business.
  • Tracking: No Google Analytics or Webmaster Tools! I know, we couldn’t believe it either.
    • Change made: Added both components, and also added goal tracking to the contact forms and event tracking to the mobile phone number so the client can see how many inquiries were made on a monthly basis.
  • Footer: As you will see on the original design, their footer was kind of bland considering the real estate opportunity provided.
    • Change made: Instead of a three-column footer, we changed it to four to show both of their office locations, showcase Laserfiche again and a better invite to their newsletter signup.
  • Events Page: One of their initial requests was to add an “Events” page, to show the upcoming workshops the company was going to run. We created it to match that of Laserfiche’s.

Needless to say, they were incredibly satisfied with how we worked and the improvements made to their design, which has made the look and feel of it more complete. Now, we’re their go-to for any upcoming changes, updates and future marketing desires. Let us know what you think the updates below!

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