Clicc Media has Joined Pencils of Promise in the Efforts of Opening Up A New School

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

Did you know that 250 million children lack basic reading, writing & math skills? Doesn’t it break your heard to read a statistic like this one? It definitely breaks mine. Every child deserves a chance to prosper in this world and this begins with education. Education not only reduces poverty but empowers young minds and helps prevent diseases.

At Clicc Media Inc we believe in continual education and always learning new things that not will only better us as professionals in our career path but also provide personal and individual growth. In order for us, or anyone for that matter, to get to that point we must start with basic learning, reading and writing skills.

Giving the Gift of Education

We believe in giving back to those in needs. To provide groups of individuals a second chance in life or even the first by either donating items to a non-profit, making monetary donations to a cause or in this case starting a fundraiser to open up a school in a third world country. We have signed up with Pencils of Promise, who have already built over 400 schools throughout Ghana, Guatemala, and Laos since 2009! We want to be part of this movement.

It takes $35,000 to open up a school in one of these underdeveloped communities and I know that together we can meet this goal.

How will we meet this goal? For every website we create we will donate a portion of the proceeds to the fundraiser. We will also be accepting donations to our page at anytime from people around the nation and world.

If you would like to learn more about Pencils of Promise and our fundraiser, click the banner below.

pencils of promise fundraiser
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