Complete WordPress Makeover for Immigration Psychology Business

Immigration Psychology

Location: Miami, FL

The Changes

Jacqueline from Immigration Psychology found us from an old animated video we did for an attorney-client a few years ago, it was pretty surprising and amazing. It started with us assisting them with a business introductory animated video they needed for a conference and then it led to a whole revamp of their site to make it more modern and user-friendly.

Their original site wasn’t really adaptive and the layout pretty standard, one of those where you put up information just to have a website live and so people have something to look at.

  • We kept the same color scheme as their previous website and created a style and feel around that, specifically making sure that the website was responsive for mobile and loaded fast.
  • We brighten up the look by eliminating a lot of the black backgrounds on their site and making content more of a focal point.
  • We created and added new animated videos introducing the service they are focusing on, on the majority of their service pages giving people the option to either read the content on the page or listen to what they can provide.
  • Added the ability to switch from English to Spanish with ease.
  • Updated and improve on-page SEO factors.

If you are in need of a website, whether it is in Spanish or English, we are here to help. Let us know what you think about the new layout, the hierarchy of information, colors, and overall design below!

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