Opting Out of GoDaddy’s Website Builder, Opting in to WordPress

Miami Clinica De Accidentes

Location: Miami, FL
Website: https://www.miamiclinicadeaccidentes.com

Breaking Out of a Restrictive Website Builder

Luz Castillo, founder of the company, was looking to improve her website, SEO and overall online presence. At first glance of her site, we knew that it was built on GoDaddy’s Website Builder which already presented a problem because we knew we would not be able to add the blog she wanted to have on her new site. So our first step was to help educate on why it was best, affordable and more effective (for the long term) to move out of the Website Builder to a stand alone web host and create the website under there.

We of course recommended SiteGround, as it is one of the top and most affordable hosting companies for WordPress websites.

Web Hosting

Once we were able to get her approval on that, we were able to move on to the research and design aspect of the project. You can view the before layout to see the big improvements we made:

miami clinica de accidentes - old site
  • The overall design now is modern, brighter, cleaner and the information is broken down in a way that it is easy for the eye to follow.
  • The home page banner has a purpose now, we included a clear headline which states what the company does with actionable button that leads to their contact form.
  • We clearly laid our their services to let their audience know what their focuses are.
  • We cleaned up her content, corrected grammar and punctuation.
  • Added on-page SEO factors to help tell Google and the audience what the page is about.
  • The website is now responsive and mobile-friendly which will help her begin to rank on mobile devices.

If you are need of a website- whether it is in Spanish or English, we are here to help. Let us know what you think about the new layout, hierarchy of information, colors and overall design below!

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