Learn How to Get Higher Rankings On Bing

Let’s be honest, when we talk about search analytics and search engine rankings, we are usually talking about Google. That being said, you still have to keep Bing in mind when thinking about SEO ranking. After all, while Google does control around 64% of organic searches, Bing dominates one-third of the market at 30%. Keep in mind Bing also powers Yahoo! and AOL searches, so optimizing your site for Bing essentially means boosting your rankings on three different search engines.

Think about it this way – the more SERPs you have a high ranking on, the more traffic you are going to drive towards your website.

Google vs. Bing

These two search engines do have some similarities, but they also have differences when it comes to how they review and rate your website. Knowing where they differ will help you recognize what changes or improvements need to be made in order to optimize your site for each search engine.

For starters, understand exactly who uses Bing as a search engine. About 50% of users in the US use Google whereas 83% of users in the US use Bing. This means that Bing does not see as many international consumers. Bing users tend to be blue-collar Americans 35+ years in age. Additionally, Bing users tend to almost always come from Internet Explorer. Since this demographic tends to be less tech-savvy than the typical Google user, it’s beneficial to ensure your website will rank high on Bing’s search results so they will see it right away.

How They’re Similar

Now here’s where Google and Bing are mostly similar and you don’t need to worry too much about taking specific care to cater to one or the other.

  • Links: Both search engines put the same amount of attention on strong backlinks, so it is important to ensure you have quality links to your website.
  • Local Searches: Bing fairs well against Google when it comes to local searches using keywords based on geographic locations. If you are looking to drive potential clients towards your business location, be sure to include the proper keywords.
  • Paid Search: This feature is essentially the same for both sites. Bing Ads offers a number of tools to help monitor your Bing Ad progress, as does Google Adwords.

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How They’re Different

As far as their differences go, it can be easily summarized like this: Google and Bing favor different algorithms to rank their SERPs. Some distinctions include:

  • Exact Keywords: Bing prefers exact keywords in order to help match you to a potential client, whereas Google is a little more lenient and can work with a number of synonyms to help connect you with the proper audience.
  • Flash Content: Bing can crawl and understand flash sites and data, including images on a more advanced level. This means your images can be read by Bing and, therefore, can affect your SERP ranking.
  • Title Tags: Using metatags, H1 descriptions, and titles can make a much bigger difference in your Bing ranking that it would with your Google. The best way to ensure you get the best results is to incorporate every available SEO technique.

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How Do I Optimize My Site For Bing?

To start, submit your site to Bing Webmaster Tools. This is the best way to begin directing traffic your way. While they don’t update their index as often as Google, it is a worthwhile step to take to start ranking high on their SERPs.

Besides that, just utilize all the available resources!

  • Use straightforward keywords and include geographical tags if you are looking to come up in local searches. For example, if you want to direct prospective clients to your place of business, be sure to mention your city and state within the site’s title tag and copy.
  • Build up your backlinks, and be sure they are coming from quality sites, as bad links can severely affect your ranking.
  • Utilize Social Media. Bing puts an emphasis on social media and has made it clear that connecting social media accounts with your website can help boost rankings.
  • Use clear, concise, easy-to-find content. This might seem trivial, but it is important to mention. Bing has made it clear that high-quality content with an emphasis on authority, utility, and presentation will make it higher up on the ranks than others.

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